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Last Name Bailey
First Name Lydia R.
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1779
Date of Death 1869-02-02
Place of Birth Pennsylvania
Place of Death
Related Firms Lydia R. Bailey
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Role Title Date
Printer The life of Catherine Haldane. Written by her father, who was a minister of the Gospel. 1816
Printer The life of Eliza Cunningham. 1816
Printer The Two apprentices: a narrative and conversation. Written to shew the excellency and use of Scripture. 1816
Printer To a youth at school. 1816
Printer Victoria Neo-Aureliana: pax Gandavensis. Cum interpretatione poetica a Michaele Fortune, Philadelphiensi. 1816
Printer 'Tis all for the best. By Miss Hannah More. 1817
Printer A Compendium of the Chief Doctrines of the True Christian Religion: as revealed in the writings of Emanual Swedenborg. By Robert Hindmarsh, Author of "Remarks on the Holy League, lately entered into by the Sovereigns of Austria, Prussia, and Russia," "A seal upon the Lips of all those, who refuse to acknowledge the exclusive Divinity of Jesus Christ," &c. &c. To which are annexed, a few extracts from E. Swedenborg's treatise on the universal theology of the New Church. 1817
Printer A new heart the child's best portion. 1817
Printer A treatise on the divine Trinity, together with an account of wonderful things seen in the spiritual world. Extracted from The true Christian religion, containing The universal theology of the New Church. By Emanuel Swedenborg, servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. 1817
Printer A visit to London, containing a description of the principal curiosities in the British metropolis. By S.W. Author of The visit to a farm-house, and The puzzle for a curious girl. With six copper plates. A New Edition, with additions and improvements. 1817
Printer An Interesting account of Elizabeth Allen 1817
Printer Bailey's Rittenhouse almanac, for the year of our Lord, 1818. Being the second after bissextile, or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1817
Printer Benjamin Warner, no. 147, Market Street, Philadelphia. Has a general variety of books in the different departments of literature, and particularly a large supply of the most approved school books, and instructive books for children, handsomely ornamented with engravings and cuts. Among his assortment are the following. 1817
Printer Bennett & Walton's almanac, for the year of our Lord 1818. Being the second after bissextile, or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1817
Printer Consolation under convictions. A dialogue between a penitent and her Christian friend. 1817
Printer Early piety, recommended in the history of Miss Dinah Doudney, Portsea, England. In a sermon, by John Griffin. 1817
Printer Early piety, recommended in the history of Miss Dinah Doudney. 1817
Printer Familiar dialogues. 1817
Printer Hymns for the use of the New Church, signified by the New Jerusalem in the apocalypse. 1817
Printer Julia and the pet-lamb; or, Good temper and compassion rewarded. 1817
Printer Kite's town and country almanac, for the year 1818. Being the second after leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1817
Printer Mary the Milk-Maid. 1817
Printer Old Grand-papa, and other poems for the amusement of children. By a young lady. Embellished with wood engravings. 1817
Printer Philadelphia, March 6th, 1817. (Circular.) Sir, the committee appointed on the part of the "Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of American Manufactures," to report a plan in aid of the internal industry of the country, take the liberty to call upon you for information on this important subject. 1817
Printer Pious lectures, explanatory of the principles, obligations and resources, of the Catholic religion: translated from La doctrine Chrétienne par Lhomond. By the Rev. James Appleton. First American, from the eighth English Edition. 1817

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