ID 5604
Last Name Bailey
First Name Lydia R.
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1779
Date of Death 1869-02-02
Place of Birth Pennsylvania
Place of Death
Related Firms Lydia R. Bailey
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Role Title Date
Printer Ditties for children. By a lady of Boston. 1818
Printer Dumfries, August 1, 1818. M.L. Weems respectfully solicits the subscriptions of his friends, for Armstrong's edition of Scott's Family Bible, in six volumes octavo. 1818
Printer History of the United States, from their first settlement as English colonies, in 1607, to the year 1808; or, the thirty-third of their sovereignty and independence. By David Ramsay, M.D. Continued to the Treaty of Ghent, by S.S. Smith, D.D. and L.L.D. and other literary gentlemen. In three volumes. Second edition, revised and corrected. 1818
Printer Kite's town and country almanac, for the year 1819. Being the third after leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1818
Printer Lessons for children. In four parts. By Mrs. Barbauld. Improved by cuts, designed by S. Pike, and engraved by Dr. Anderson. 1818
Printer Obituary of Charles Petit, a boy who lately died at the orphan asylum, in New York. 1818
Printer Sacred histories, selected from the Old Testament, and explained according to their internal or spiritual meaning. 1. The introduction. 2. The history of Creation. 3. The history of Paradise. 4. Paradise lost. 5. Cain and Abel. 6. The flood. Also, four parables of Jesus Christ, explained in the same way, by question and answer. By the Rev. J. Clowes, M.A. Rector of St. John's Manchester. To which is added, the faith of the New Church. 1818
Printer Tales of my landlord Second series. Collected and arranged by Jedediah Cleishbotham, schoolmaster and parish clerk of Gandercleugh. The Second Philadelphia Edition. 1818
Printer The first catechism for children, containing common things, necessary to be known at an early age. By the Rev. David Blair, author of The class-book, Reading exercises, Grammar of philosophy, &c. 1818
Printer A short system of Latin prosody: containing all the necessary rules and directions for scanning hexameter verse, and Horace's lyrics, with ease and advantage. By William Hooper, A. M. Professor of languages in the University of North Carolina. 1819
Printer Bailey's Rittenhouse almanac, for the year of our Lord, 1820. Being bissextile, or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1819
Printer Bailey's Rittenhouse almanac, for the year of our Lord, 1820. Being bissextile, or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1819
Printer Bennett & Walton's almanac, for the year of our Lord, 1820. Being bissextile or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. 1819
Printer History of England, from the first invasion by Julius Caesar, to the peace of Ghent; comprising every political event worthy of remembrance: a progressive view of religion, language, and manners; of men eminent for their virtue or their learning; their patriotism, eloquence, or philosophical research; of the introduction of manufactures, and of colonial establishments. With an interrogative index, for the use of schools. By William Grimshaw, author of The improved history of Rome. 1819
Printer Selectae e profanis scriptoribus historiae. Quibus admista sunt varia honeste vivendi praecepta, ex iisdem scriptoribus deprompta. Prioribus exemplar emendatius, quantitate syllabarum justa pleniùs notatum; atque in usum discentium meliùs accommodatum Ja. Ross, A.M. humaniorum literarum, nec non et Graecae Linguae in Academia Phil. professore. 1819
Printer Universal history Americanised; or, An historical view of the world, from the earliest records to the year 1808. With a particular reference to the state of society, literature, religion, and form of government, in the United States of America. By David Ramsay, M.D. To which is annexed, a supplement, containing a brief view of history, from the year 1808 to the battle of Waterloo. In twelve volumes. 1819
Printer Very elegant work. Proposals of M. Carey & Son, for publishing by subscription, a work, entitled, Vegetable materia medica of the United States; or, Medical botany. Vegetable materia medica of the United States; or, Medical botany ... by William P.C. Barton, M.D. 1819
Printer Vindiciae Hibernicae: or, Ireland vindicated: an attempt to develop and expose a few of the multifarious errors and falsehoods respecting Ireland, in the histories of May, Temple, Whitelock, Borlase, Rushworth, Clarendon, Cox, Carte, Leland, Warner, Macauley, Hume, and others: particularly in the legendary tales of the conspiracy and pretended massacre of 1641. By M. Carey, author of Essays on banking, Political olive branch, &c. 1819
Printer Worlds displayed: for the benefit of young people, by a familiar history of some of their inhabitants. 1819

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