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Last Name Parker
First Name Emma
Gender Female
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Role Title Date
Author A Soldier's Offspring; or, The Sisters. A Tale. In Two Volumes. By Emma de Lisle. 1810
Author Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove. A Novel, in Four Volumes. By Emma Parker. 1811
Author Fitz-Edward; or, The Cambrians. A Novel. Interspersed with Pieces of Poetry. In Three Volumes. By Emma de Lisle, author of A Soldier's Offspring, Elfrida, or the Heiress of Bellegrove, &c. &c. 1811
Author Virginia; or, The Peace of Amiens. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Miss Emma Parker, author of Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove. 1811
Author Aretas. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Emma Parker, Author of "Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove," and "Virginia, or the Peace of Amiens." 1813
Author The Guerrilla Chief: A Novel. In three volumes. By Emma Parker, author of "Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove;"—"Virginia, or the Peace of Amiens;"—and "Arestas." 1815
Author Self-Deception. In a Series of Letters. By Emma Parker, author of "The Gurrilla Chief," "Aretas," &c. &c. 1816
Author Important Trifles. Chiefly Appropriate to Females on their Entrance into Society 1817

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