ID 7530
Last Name Weems
First Name Mason Locke
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1759-10-11
Date of Death 1825-05-23
Place of Birth Maryland
Place of Death South Carolina
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Author God's revenge against gambling. Exemplified in the miserable lives and untimely deaths of a number of persons of both sexes, who had sacrificed their health, wealth, and honor at gaming tables. With curious anecdotes of the following unfortunate gamblers:-- I. Miss Fanny Braddock, sister of General Braddock, who, from gambling, hung herself. II. Drisden Harwood, Esq. Maryland, who, from gambling, drowned himself. III. Jack Gilmore, Esq. Virginia, who, from gambling, shot himself. IV. T. Alston, Esq. (N.C.) who, from gambling, was shot by Capt. Johnson. V. Maria Antoinette, Queen of France, who, for gambling, was brought to the guillotine. VI. Other awful cases of young gamblers, and their untimely ends. By M.L. Weems, formerly Rector of Mount Vernon Parish. [Second Edition.] 1812
Author God's revenge against murder; or The drown'd wife. A tragedy, as lately performed, with unbounded applause, (of the Devil and his court) by Ned Findley, Esquire, one of the grand company of tragedians in the service of the Black Prince, who was so highly gratified with Ned's performance, that he instantly provided him rooms in one of his own palaces; created him a knight of the most ignoble order of the halter, clapped bracelets on his wrists, and an ornament round his neck; and in a few days promoted him to the ridge pole of the gallows, at Edgefield Court-House, South Carolina. By M.L. Weems, of Lodge no. 50, Dumfries. Tenth Edition, Enlarged—Price, 25 cents. 1816
Author The drunkard's looking glass: reflecting a faithful likeness of the drunkard, in sundry very interesting attitudes, with lively representations of the many strange capers which he cuts at different stages of his disease; as first, when he has only "a drop in his eye;" second, when he is "half shaved;" third, when he is getting "a little on the staggers or so;" and fourth and fifth, and so on, till he is "quite capsized;" or "snug under the table with the dogs," and can "stick to the floor without holding on." By M.L. Weems, author of The life of Washington, &c. Fourth edition, greatly improved. 1816
Author Dumfries, August 1, 1818. M.L. Weems respectfully solicits the subscriptions of his friends, for Armstrong's edition of Scott's Family Bible, in six volumes octavo. 1818

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