Name Printer

Indicates the person running the firm that printed the work. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


Person Title
Angus, Margaret The strange and wonderful history and prophecies of Mother Shipton.
Angus, Margaret The captive American; or a narrative of the sufferings of Mrs. Johnson, during four years captivity, with the Indians and French. Written by herself.
Ayres, Mary Poems, on several occasions, by Mary Collier, Author Of The Washerwoman's Labour, With some remarks on her life.
Bailey, Susan The Affecting History Of The Duchess of C****, Who Was Confined Nine Years In A Horrid Dungeon, Under Ground, Where Light Never Entered . . . But Fortunately she was at last discovered, and released from the Dungeon, By Her Parents.
Blackader, Elizabeth Sketches of the Present Manners, Customs, and Scenery of Scotland, with Incidental Remarks on the Scottish Character. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence. Author of Summer Excursions--The Nobility of the Heart--The Wedding Day, &c. The Second Edition. In Two Volumes.
Blackader, Elizabeth Rose and Emily, or, Sketches of youth. By Mrs. Roberts.
Blackader, Elizabeth Cottage Sketches; or, Active Retirement. By the author of An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, Talents Improved, &c.
Brooke, Mary The Wife. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Maria Benson, author of "Thoughts on Education".
Bryan, Mary Alfred; by Joseph Cottle.
Burchett, Susannah Poems, Legendary, Pathetic, and Descriptive. By Mrs. Fortnum (late Sophia King).
Burton, Mary Elizabeth; or, The Exiles of Siberia. A Tale, Founded on Facts. From the French of Mad. Cottin.
Chamberlaine, Hannah Bell's Edition. The Grecian Daughter, a Tragedy, as written by Arthur Murray, Esq. Distinguishing the variations of the theatre, as performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Regulated from the prompt-book. By permission of the managers. By Mr. Hopkins, Prompter.
Chamberlaine, Hannah A Bold Stroke for a Husband. A Comedy. Written by the Ingenious Mrs. Cowley: authoress of The Run-A-Way, Belles-Stratagem, and Which is the Man. And performed forty nights last season at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden.
Colbert, Harriet Minor morals, interspersed with sketches of natural history, historical anecdotes, and original stories. By Charlotte Smith, Author of Rural Walks and Rambles Farther.
Colbert, Harriet Translation of the letters of a Hindoo Rajah; written previous to, and during the period of his residence in England. To which is prefixed a preliminary dissertation on the history, religion, and manners, of the Hindoos. In two volumes. By Eliza Hamilton
Colbert, Harriet La-Peyrouse, a drama, in two acts. By Augustus von Kotzebue. Translated from the German, by Anne Plumptre; Translator of Kotzebue's Virgin of the Sun--Spaniards in Peru, performing under the title of Pizarro--Natural Son--Court of Burgundy--and Force of Calumny.
Cooper, Mary An hymn to the Creator of the world. The thoughts taken chiefly from Psal. civ. To which is added in prose, An idea of the Creator from his works.
Cotter, Sarah The wonder: a woman keeps a secret. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Crow-Street, and the Theatre in Smock-Alley. Written by the author of, The gamester.
Delahoy, Elizabeth Redemption: A Poem, in Four Parts
Delahoy, Elizabeth Redemption: A Poem, in Four Parts
Delahoy, Elizabeth Observations on the most important subjects of education: containing many useful hints to mothers, but chiefly intended for private governesses. By R.C. Dallaway.
Farley, Elizabeth A caution to such as observe days and times: to which is added, an address to magistrates, parents, masters of families, &c. By Sophia Hume.
Farley, Elizabeth Daily conversation with God, exemplified in the holy life of Armelle Nicolas, a poor ignorant country maid in France; commonly known by the name of the good Armelle, deceas'd in Bretaigne in the year 1671. Done out of French.
Farley, Elizabeth A short appeal to men and women of reason; Distinguished by Titles of worldly Honour; or by Riches exclusive of Titles: who may be walking according to the course of this evil world, living in the pleasures thereof, and frequenting theatres, balls,&e. By S. H.
Farley, Elizabeth Clifton: a poem, in two cantos. Including Bristol and all its environs. By Henry Jones, author of the Earl of Essex, Isle of Wight, Kew-Gardens, &c.