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Indicates the person running the firm that printed the work. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


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Adams, E. The tailor's assistant; comprising rules & directions for cutting men's clothes, by the square rule; by which, in a few hours, a person may acquire such a knowledge of the art, as will enable him to cut all sizes and fashions, with the greatest accuracy
Adams, James An epistle in true love, containing a farewel exhortation to Friends families. : Which I desire also may be read in their Monthly and Quarterly Meetings, throughout this nation of England
Adams, James Daily conversation with God: exemplify'd in the holy life of Armelle Nicolas, a poor ignorant country maid in France, commonly known by the name of Good Armelle; who departed this life, at Bretaigne, in the year 1671. Translated from the French. ; [Eleven lines of Scripture texts
Adancourt, Francis Poems, on various subjects. By Eliza Dwight Willard Parsons. ; [Eight lines of verse
Aitken, Jane A letter from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, to the churches under their care; accompanied with a plan adopted by the Assembly for the establishment of a Theological School, intended to increase The Piety and Learning, of candidates for the holy ministry, as well as to procure A Larger Supply of Ministers for the wants of the churches.
Aitken, Jane Observations on the changes of the air, and the concomitant epidemical diseases in the island of Barbadoes. To which is added, A treatise on the putrid bilious fever, commonly called the yellow fever; and such other diseases as are indigenous or endemial, in the West India islands, or in the torrid zone. By William Hillary, M.D. ; With notes, by Benjamin Rush, M.D. professor of the institutes and practice of medicine in the University of Pennsylvania
Aitken, Jane Report of the Watering Committee to the Select & Common Councils, November 13th, 1807. Published by order of Councils
Aitken, Jane Self-indulgence; a tale of the nineteenth century. : [Two lines from Madame De Genlis
Aitken, Jane Report of the committee of accounts, with the report of the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge committee on the present state of the bridge
Aitken, Jane The child's monitor; or Parental instruction; in four parts: : containing a great variety of progressive lessons, (interspersed with moral and religious reflections) adapted to the comprehension of children; and calculated to instruct them in reading, and the use of stops; and, at the same time, to give them some knowledge of natural history, the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important subjects. By John Hornsey, author of "A short grammar of the English language," "An introduction to arithmetic," and "The book of monosylables; or An introduction to the Child's monitor." ; [Two lines from Blair
Aitken, Jane The constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Containing the confession of faith, the catechisms, and the directory for the worship of God: together with the plan of government and discipline as amended and ratified by the General Assembly at their sessions in May, 1805
Aitken, Jane An Inaugural Dissertation on Lithotomy. Submitted to the examination of the Rev. John Andrews, D.D. Provost. The trustees and medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. On the twenty-fifth day of April, 1811. For the degree of doctor of medicine. By Micajah Clark, of Virginia. Honorary member of the Philadelphia Medical Society---member of the Philadelphia Linnean, and honorary member of the Columbian Society of Virtuosi, Pittsburgh.
Aitken, Jane A narrative of the manner in which the campaign against the Indians, in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, was conducted, under the command of Major General St. Clair, together with his observations on the statements of the Secretary of War and the Quarter Master General, relative thereto, and the reports of the committees appointed to inquire into the causes of the failure thereof: taken from the files of the House of Representatives in Congress.
Aitken, Jane The works of Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. A new edition, in fifteen [i.e., twelve] volumes. : With an essay on his life and genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. : Vol. I[-XII
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; A. D. 1809.
Aitken, Jane A Review Of The Cause of the New Orleans Batture and of the discussions that have taken place respecting it; containing Answers to the Late Publications of Messrs. Thierry & Derbigny on that subject. By Peter Stephen Du Ponceau, Counsellor at Law, Of Counsel with Edward Livingston Esq.
Aitken, Jane Kelroy, A Novel. By a Lady of Pennsylvania.
Aitken, Jane The system of the laws of the United States, in relation to direct taxes and internal duties, enacted in the year 1813, containing those laws at large with some explanations; and a copious index. Prepared by Alexander Sidney Coxe, of the Philadelphia Bar
Aitken, Jane An Act to Authorize and Direct the Governor to incorporate a company for erecting A Permanent Bridge over the River Schuylkill, at or near where the floating bridge of Abraham Sheriden is at present situate, known by the name of "The Upper Ferry." In the county of Philadelphia.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly, of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America: A. D. 1814.
Aitken, Jane By Laws of the Farmers & Mechanics Bank.
Aitken, Jane Self-indulgence; a tale of the nineteenth century. : [Two lines from Madame De Genlis
Aitken, Jane Catechismi Westmonasteriensis minoris Exemplar typis, quibus quantitas affigitur, Impressum. In Usum Discentium, quorum Parentes, doctrinam, disciplinam et fidem Presbyteriam in Civitatibus Americanis Foederatis profitentur. Accurante Ja. Ross, humanorum literarum, negnon et Graecae linguae professore.
Aitken, Jane Accounts of the corporation of the city of Philadelphia, for the year 1811. Published by order of the Councils
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the minutes of the proceedings of the sixth [i.e., seventh] General Synod of the Associate-Reformed Church, in North-America; held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday, the 30th May, 1810, and continued by adjournment