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Indicates the person running the firm that printed the work. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


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Adams, E. The tailor's assistant; comprising rules & directions for cutting men's clothes, by the square rule; by which, in a few hours, a person may acquire such a knowledge of the art, as will enable him to cut all sizes and fashions, with the greatest accuracy
Adams (Printer), Elizabeth Manchester vindicated: being a compleat collection of the papers lately published in defence of that town, in the Chester Courant.
Adancourt, Francis Poems, on various subjects. By Eliza Dwight Willard Parsons. ; [Eight lines of verse
Aitken, Jane The Kingdom of Christ: A Missionary Sermon, preached before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, in Philadelphia, May 23d, 1805. By Edward D. Griffin, A. M. one of the pastors of the First Presbyterian Church in Newark, (New Jersey.)
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; A.D. 1804.
Aitken, Jane Report of the Watering Committee to the Select and Common Councils, November 24th, 1808. Published by order of Councils.
Aitken, Jane The Parents' friend: or Extracts from the Principal Works on Education, from the time of Montaigne to the present day, methodized and arranged. With observations and notes by the editor. In two volumes.
Aitken, Jane The necessary duty of family prayer, and the deplorable condition of prayerless families considered: in a letter from a minister to his parishioners. With prayers for their use.
Aitken, Jane A Token for Children. Being An exact account of the Conversion, Holy and exemplary Lives, and joyful Deaths of Several Young Children. In two parts. By James Janeway, Minister of the Gospel. To which is added Some choice Sayings of Dying Saints,
Aitken, Jane Acts and Proceedings of the Synod of New-York and Philadelphia. A.D. 1787, & 1788.
Aitken, Jane Acts and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America, May 16th, 1799.
Aitken, Jane Self-indulgence; a tale of the nineteenth century.
Aitken, Jane Agricultural Inquiries on Plaister of Paris. Also Facts, Observations and Conjectures On That Substance, when applied as manure. Collected, chiefly from the practice of farmers in Pennsylvania, and published as much with a view to invite, as to give information. With some additional notes; and more recent facts and information. By Richard Peters.
Aitken, Jane Strength in weakness manifest: in the life, various trials, and Christian testimony of that faithful servant and handmaid of the Lord, Elizabeth Stirredge, who departed this life, at her house at Hemstead in Hertfordshire, in the 72d year of her age. Written by her own hand. Shewing her pious care and counsel to her children, and according to their desire made public: also for the instruction and benefit of many other parents and children concerned.
Aitken, Jane A narrative of the state of religion within the bounds of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States; and an account of missionaries appointed for the year 1807.
Aitken, Jane An Inaugural Dissertation on Lithotomy. Submitted to the examination of the Rev. John Andrews, D.D. Provost. The trustees and medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. On the twenty-fifth day of April, 1811. For the degree of doctor of medicine. By Micajah Clark, of Virginia. Honorary member of the Philadelphia Medical Society---member of the Philadelphia Linnean, and honorary member of the Columbian Society of Virtuosi, Pittsburgh.
Aitken, Jane Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture. Containing communications on various subjects in Husbandry & Rural Affairs. To which is added, at the request of the Society, "Agricultural Inquiries on Plaister of Paris." Vol. II.
Aitken, Jane Accounts of the corporation of the city of Philadelphia, for the year 1805. Published by order of the Councils
Aitken, Jane Census directory for 1811. Containing the names, occupations, & residence of the inhabitants of the city, Southwark & Northern Liberties, a separate division being allotted to persons of colour; to which is annexed an appendix containing much useful information, and a perpetual calendar.
Aitken, Jane The Butterfly's Birth-day. By the author of the Butterfly's Ball.
Aitken, Jane The constitution of the Female Association of Philadelphia, for the Relief of Women and Children, in Reduced Circumstances.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; A.D. 1807.
Aitken, Jane Report of the Watering Committee to the Select & Common Councils, November 2d, 1809. Published by order of Councils.
Aitken, Jane A Comparative view of the Natural Small-Pox, Inoculated Small-Pox, and Vaccination in their effects on Individuals and Society.
Aitken, Jane A narrative of the manner in which the campaign against the Indians, in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, was conducted, under the command of Major General St. Clair, together with his observations on the statements of the Secretary of War and the Quarter Master General, relative thereto, and the reports of the committees appointed to inquire into the causes of the failure thereof: taken from the files of the House of Representatives in Congress.