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Indicates the person running the firm that printed the work. This role is included if the firm is female-run.


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Adams, E. The tailor's assistant; comprising rules & directions for cutting men's clothes, by the square rule; by which, in a few hours, a person may acquire such a knowledge of the art, as will enable him to cut all sizes and fashions, with the greatest accuracy
Adams, James An epistle in true love, containing a farewel exhortation to Friends families. : Which I desire also may be read in their Monthly and Quarterly Meetings, throughout this nation of England
Adams, James Daily conversation with God: exemplify'd in the holy life of Armelle Nicolas, a poor ignorant country maid in France, commonly known by the name of Good Armelle; who departed this life, at Bretaigne, in the year 1671. Translated from the French. ; [Eleven lines of Scripture texts
Adams (Printer), Elizabeth Manchester vindicated: being a compleat collection of the papers lately published in defence of that town, in the Chester Courant.
Adancourt, Francis Poems, on various subjects. By Eliza Dwight Willard Parsons. ; [Eight lines of verse
Aitken, Jane The necessary duty of family prayer, and the deplorable condition of prayerless families considered: in a letter from a minister to his parishioners. With prayers for their use.
Aitken, Jane Law For Authorising the Governor to Incorporate a Company for making an artificial road in Wayne and Luzerne counties. And also An Ordinance by the President, Managers, and Company, of the Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpike Road.
Aitken, Jane A Comparative view of the Natural Small-Pox, Inoculated Small-Pox, and Vaccination in their effects on Individuals and Society.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; A.D. 1803.
Aitken, Jane A Review Of The Cause of the New Orleans Batture and of the discussions that have taken place respecting it; containing Answers to the Late Publications of Messrs. Thierry & Derbigny on that subject. By Peter Stephen Du Ponceau, Counsellor at Law, Of Counsel with Edward Livingston Esq.
Aitken, Jane Agricultural memoirs. Just published and for sale by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, and most of the booksellers, also at Bernard M'Mahon's seed store, no. 39, South Second Street, Philadelphia; price $2 50, Memoirs of the Agricultural Society of Philadelphia
Aitken, Jane Accounts of the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia, for the year 1806. Published by order of the Councils.
Aitken, Jane The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the Old and New Testament: translated from the Greek. By Charles Thomson, Late Secretary to the Congress of the United States.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; A. D. 1808.
Aitken, Jane Proceedings of a Meeting of a number of the inhabitants of Gloucester County, New Jersey, held at the Academy in Woodbury, April 20, 1816 For the Purpose of forming A Society, as auxiliary to the New Jersey, Bible Society. With the Constitution, names of Managers and Officers of the Society, and an appendix.
Aitken, Jane Rules for the government of the Common Council, and rules of intercourse between the Select & Common Councils.
Aitken, Jane Laws of the College of New-Jersey, reviewed, amended and finally adopted, by the board of trustees, in September 1802. To which are prefixed, The Charter of Incorporation, and the Act of State confirming and altering the Charter, with a List of the present Trustees and Faculty of the College.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the Minutes of the General Assembly, of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America: A. D. 1814.
Aitken, Jane Present Duty. A Discourse, delivered on the 31st of December, 1808; which was observed, by concert, as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer, in several of the churches in the City of Philadelphia. By James Gray, D. D. Pastor of the Associate Reformed Church. Published by the particular request of the Elders and Trustees of said Church.
Aitken, Jane Report of the Watering Committee to the Select and Common Councils, November 5th, 1812. Published by order of Councils.
Aitken, Jane Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia: A Tale, founded upon facts. From the French of Madame Cottin.
Aitken, Jane Extracts from the minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: from A.D. 1812, to A.D. 1816, inclusive. With a copious index. Vol. III.
Aitken, Jane The child's monitor; or Parental instruction; in four parts: containing a great variety of progressive lessons, (interspersed with moral and religious reflections) adapted to the comprehension of children; and calculated to instruct them in reading, and the use of stops; and, at the same time, to give them some knowledge of natural history, the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important subjects. By John Hornsey, author of "A short grammar of the English language," "An introduction to arithmetic," and "The book of monosylables; or An introduction to the Child's monitor." The first American edition corrected, and improved.
Aitken, Jane The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, Containing the Confession of Faith, the Catechisms, and the Directory for the worship of God: together with the Plan of Government and Discipline as amended and ratified by the General Assembly at their Sessions in May, 1805.
Aitken, Jane Report of the case of The Commonwealth, vs. Tench Coxe, Esq. on a motion for a Mandamus, in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania: taken from the manuscript of the fourth volume of Mr. Dallas's Reports. Published with his Consent.