Name Engraver

The person responsible for turning an illustration into an engraving.


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Akin, James Essay on Irish bulls. By Richard Lovell Edgeworth, and Maria Edgeworth, Author of Castle Rackrent, &c.
Akin, James Lessons for children, from two to five years old. : Adorned with cuts engraved by James Akin Part I. From two to four years old [-Part II. From four to five years old
Akin, James Lessons for children Part II. From four to five years old. : Adorned with cuts engraved by James Akin
Akin, James Lessons for children Part II. From four to five years old. : Adorned with cuts engraved by James Akin
Allen, George A survey of the River Thames from London: and of the River Medway from Rochester, to the Nore. Engraved by George Allen, no. 19, Shoe Lane
Anderson, Alexander The Child's magazine. In two volumes Vol. I[-II
Anderson, Alexander The Agricultural almanack for the year of our Lord 1817. Patronized by the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture. : [Three lines of quotation
Anderson, Alexander An epistle of love, addressed to the youth & children of Germantown, Pennsylvania, county of Philadelphia. By Harriet Livermore, a mourning pilgrim, bound to the promised land. ; [Four lines of verse
Anderson, Alexander The Negro boy's tale; a poem, by Amelia Opie. ; To which are added, The morning dream, by Cowper, and other poems
Anderson, Alexander Innocent poetry
Anderson, Alexander The History of the Holy Bible, Abridged.
Anderson, Alexander The life of Mary Mordant. By an American lady
Anderson, Alexander Little Henry and his bearer. By Mrs. Sherwood
Anderson, Alexander The children in the wood. An affecting tale
Anderson, Alexander The Farm-Yard Journal. Also the History of the Mouse and Marten. Adorned with Cuts.
Anderson, Alexander The sisters, and The rose, or, History of Ellen Selwyn. Adorned with cuts
Anderson, Alexander The school of good manners. By the author of "Good girl's soliloquy, Poetic tales, Little ditties for little children, Present to children." &c. &c
Anderson, Alexander The son of a genius; a tale, for the use of youth. By the author of The history of an officer's widow and family, Clergyman's widow and family, Daughter-in-law, &c. &c. ; [One line from Proverbs
Anderson, Alexander Fashionable amusements
Anderson, Alexander The happy waterman, or Honesty the best policy
Anderson, Alexander The Mimic. By Maria Edgeworth. With Cuts. Munroe & Francis' Edition.
Anderson, Alexander A system of universal geography, on the principles of comparison and classification. By William Channing Woodbridge, corresponding member of the Geographical Society of Paris
Anderson, Alexander Aunt Mary's tales, for the entertainment and improvement of little girls. Addressed to her nieces
Anderson, Alexander Hymns in prose, for the use of children. [Two lines from Psalms
Anderson, Alexander The pilgrims, and Parley the porter: two allegories