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A bibliography of United Kingdom-published drawing books, from the 16th century to 1900.



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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
25042 A Book of Caricaturas, on 59 copper plates with ye principles of designing in that droll & pleasing manner. With sundry ancient & modern examples & several well known caricaturas. Darly , Mary
John Bowles (London)
25039 A Book of Four large Heads for Chalk Drawing, by Bourlier. Bourlier , Marie Anne
25049 A Collection of Passion Flowers Mary Lawrance (London)
25046 Conversations on the Art of Miniature Painting. Dedicated with the sanction of Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland, to the Honble Misses Forester. By Emma E. Kendrick. Kendrick , Emma Eleonora
25047 Conversations on the Art of Miniature Painting. Dedicated with the sanction of Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland, to the Honble Misses Forester. By Emma E. Kendrick. Kendrick , Emma Eleonora
19012 Elements of drawing and flower painting, in opaque and transparent water-colours. By Mrs. E.E. Perkins, honored by the especial patronage of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent Perkins , Elizabeth Steele
Thomas Hurst [St. Paul] (London)
25043 Flowers from Nature, with the botanical name, class, and order; and instructions for copying. Lithographed and coloured from drawings. Everard , Anne
Joseph Dickinson (London)
25056 Groups of Figures, from Cuttings in Black Paper, intended as Lessons for Instruction in Paper Cutting, Series I & II Townshend , Barbara Anne
Edward Orme (London)
25051 Groups of Flowers Mary Lawrance (London)
25055 Introduction to the Art of Cutting Groups of Figures, Flowers, Birds, &c, in Black Paper. Townshend , Barbara Anne
Edward Orme (London)
25044 Ornamental Groups, Descriptive of Flowers, Birds, Shells, Fruit,Insects, etc., and illustrative of a New Theory of Colouring, from designs and paintings by M. Gartside. The whole engraved and coloured under her immediate inspection. Gartside , Mary
William Miller [Albemarle Street] (London)
25057 Sibyl-leaves, or, Drawing room scraps: consisting of groups of figures, flowers, vases, birds, butterflies, &c.: presenting a variety of studies in the art of cutting out black paper, for the instruction and amusement of young ladies. Adolphus Richter (London)
25052 Sketches of Flowers from Nature Mary Lawrance (London)
25041 Some account of a new process in painting, by means of glazed crayons; with remarks on its general correspondence with the peculiarities of the Venetian School. Cleaver , Elizabeth
25053 Studies of Flowers from Nature. This work will consist chiefly of a selection of subjects from the choicest exotics, painted after nature, with a correct outline of each and instructions for producing a facsimile of the finished drawing Smith , Penelope
25058 Studies of Fruit and Flowers, painted from nature, painted from nature, and engraved by T.L. Busby, printed in colours by B. M'Queen Rudolph Ackermann (London)
25054 Ten Lithographic Coloured Flowers, with botanical descriptions, drawn and coloured by a lady Unknown , [Woman]
David Brown [6 South St. Andrew Street] (Edinburgh)
25045 The Beauties of Flora, with botanic and poetic illustrations; being a selection of flowers drawn from nature, arranged emblematically with directions for colouring them. By Eliza Eve Gleadall. Gleadall , Eliza Eve
25060 The Elements of Flower and Fruit Painting, illustrated with engravings by T.L. Busby from studies after nature by Madame Vincent Rudolph Ackermann (London)
25048 The Wreath, or Ornamental Artist; containing instructions for making flowers of wax, rice-paper, lamb’s-wool, and cambric, with a great variety of articles; for charitable repositories. By a lady. Unknown , [Woman]
25061 Twelve Views in Scotland, delineated by a lady in the in the polyautographic art of drawing upon stone. 1803