Name America's Historical Imprints II: Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819
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17188 A Brief Statement of the Sufferings of Mary Dyer, occasioned by the society called Shakers. Written by herself. To which is added, affidavits and certificates. Also, a declaration from their own publication. (Copy right secured.) Dyer , Mary M.
21172 A Calm Address to the People of the Eastern States, on the subject of the Representation of Slaves; The Representation in the Senate; and The Hostility to Commerce ascribed to the Southern States. By the author of The Olive Branch. Carey , Mathew
Mathew Carey [122 Market Street] (Philadelphia)
21175 A Circular to the members of St. Mary's congregation. Discord has existed in this congregation for nearly two years, to the scandal of its members, and the discredit of the church. 1814
21824 A Collection of All Such Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, of a public & permanent nature, as are now in force: comprising the first volume of the revised code. The second edition, with copious notes of reference to subsequent acts, and a new and much enlarged index. To which are prefixed the Declaration of Rights, and Constitution, or Form of Government. Published pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, passed on the tenth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and twelve. 1814 The second edition, with copious notes of reference to subsequent acts, and a new and much enlarged index.
20804 A Comparative view of the Natural Small-Pox, Inoculated Small-Pox, and Vaccination in their effects on Individuals and Society. White , William
21350 A Compendium of the Chief Doctrines of the True Christian Religion: as revealed in the writings of Emanual Swedenborg. By Robert Hindmarsh, Author of "Remarks on the Holy League, lately entered into by the Sovereigns of Austria, Prussia, and Russia," "A seal upon the Lips of all those, who refuse to acknowledge the exclusive Divinity of Jesus Christ," &c. &c. To which are annexed, a few extracts from E. Swedenborg's treatise on the universal theology of the New Church. Hindmarsh , Robert
Swedenborg , Emanuel
William Schlatter (Philadelphia)
16279 A Concise Account of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews. Adams , Hannah
20247 A concise history of England, comprised in a set of easy lessons: being a continuation of a series of historical books for children. Brought down to the Peace of Paris. In two volumes. By Mrs. Trimmer. To which are added, tables of chronology, events, &c. Trimmer , Sarah
Munroe and Francis [4 Cornhill] (Boston)
David Francis (Boston)
18966 A concise system of English grammar, selected and abridged for the use of schools. By Mary Palmer, Teacher of a Grammar School in New-York. Copy-right secured. Palmer , Mary
18436 A continuation of the comic adventures of Old Mother Hubbard, and her dog. Ornamented with cuts. Martin , Sarah Catherine
18437 A curious account of the comic adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and her dog by S.C.M. Martin , Sarah Catherine
William Charles (New York)
17132 A deed of lease and release, of Sarah Derby, to the trustees of the Derby School, containing, her will, and codicil to the will; the act of incorporation; the act for erecting the Derby School into an academy; the resolve of the General Court granting a half township of land--and the rules and regulations of the trustees. Derby , Sarah
16280 A Dictionary of All Religions and Religious Denominations, Jewish, Heathen, Mahometan, and Christian, Ancient and Modern. With an Appendix, Containing a Sketch of the Present State of the World, as to Population, Religion, Toleration, Missions, etc. and the Articles in Which All Christian Denominations Agree. By Hannah Adams. Fourth Edition, with Corrections and Large Additions. Adams , Hannah
James Eastburn & Co. (New York City)
Cummings & Hilliard (Boston)
1817 Fourth Edition, with Corrections and Large Additions.
21413 A discourse occasioned by the death of the Reverend John Ewing, D.D. Late Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Congregation, of the city of Philadelphia, and provost of the University of Pennsylvania. By John Blair Linn, A.M. Pastor of the said Congregation. Linn , John Blair
John Conrad & Co. (Philadelphia)
21523 A discourse on agriculture. Its antiquity; and importance, to every member of the community: the obligations all are under to encourage it;-- and the necessity of diffusing a knowledge of its principles, and systematical practice, as the first step towards its advancement. Delivered before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture; at their request, on their annual meeting, the 9th of January, 1816. By Richard Peters, their president. Published by order of the Society. Peters , Richard
Jacob Johnson & Benjamin Warner (Philadelphia)
21333 A Dissertation on the Morbid Effects Induced on the Mind and Body by Grief & Fear. By William Hall, of Charleston, South Carolina, honorary member of the Philadelphia Medical Society. Hall , William
21309 A Dissertation, on the coincidence between the Priesthoods of Jesus Christ & Melchisedec, in three parts, in which the passages of Scripture relating to that subject, in the xiv. chapter of Genesis, the cx. Psalm, the v. vi. vii. chapters of the Epistle to the Hebrews, are explained. By James Gray, D. D. Gray , James
20335 A family tour through the British Empire; containing some accounts of its natural and artificial curiosities, history and antiquities, interspersed with biographical anecdotes. Particularly adapted to the amusement and instruction of youth. By Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield , Priscilla
Jacob Johnson & Co. (Philadelphia)
21321 A father's legacy to his daughters. To which is added, the way to get married, and the advantages and disadvantages of the marriage state; represented under the similitude of a dream. More , Hannah
Gregory , John
Jacob Johnson & Benjamin Warner (Philadelphia)
16025 A Guide to True Peace; or, A Method of Attaining to Inward and Spiritual Prayer. Compiled chiefly from the writings of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray, Lady Guion, and Michael de Molinos. First American edition. Fénelon , François de Salignac de La Mothe
Molinos , Miguel de
Guyon , Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte
1816 First American edition.
16026 A Guide to True Peace. Or A method of attaining to inward and spiritual prayer. Compiled chiefly from the Writings of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray, Lady Guion and Michael de Molinos. First American edition. Fénelon , François de Salignac de La Mothe
Molinos , Miguel de
Guyon , Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte
Paraclete Potter (Poughkeepsie)
S. Potter and Co. (Poughkeepsie)
1818 First American edition.
18356 A Journey to the Westward, interspersed with Religious Remarks, Anecdotes, &c. Together with Strictures, on various subjects. By Phebe Manchester. Revised and enlarged upon by her brother. Manchester , Phebe
21237 A key to Bonnycastle's Mensuration; containing as plain a solution to every problem and question left unsolved in that treatise, as the nature of each case can admit. Arranged for the American edition of 1812, with proper references. By Thomas Crosbie, late master of the Military and Marine Academy, Dorset Street, and a member of the Incorporated Society of Literary Teachers, in the city of Dublin. Crosbie , Thomas
Bonnycastle , John
Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street] (Philadelphia)
1814 Arranged for the American Edition of 1812, with proper references.
16686 A Key to Knowledge; or, Things in Common Use. Simply and shortly explained, in a series of dialogues. Written by a mother, author of "Always Happy." "First Book for Children." &c. &c. Budden , Maria Elizabeth
William B. Gilley (New York City)
16685 A key to knowledge; or, Things in common use. Simply and shortly explained, in a series of dialogues. Written by a mother, author of "Always happy."--"First Book for Children," &c. &c. Budden , Maria Elizabeth
William B. Gilley (New York City)