ID 14261
Title An account of the arguments of counsel with the opinions at large of the Honourable Mr. Justice Gould, Mr. Justice Ashhurt, and Mr.Baron Hotham. Upon the question at the session at the Old-Bailey, on Saturday the 16th of September, 1775, whether Margaret Caroline Rudd ought to be tried. By Joseph Gurney.
Contributors Gurney, Martha (Bookseller); Gurney, Joseph (Author)
Signed Author By Joseph Gurney.
Firms Martha Gurney (Bookseller)
Self-published No
Volumes 1
Pagination 40
Date of Publication 1775
Edition Statement
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1775
Imprint Sold by Martha Gurney, bookseller, No. 34, Bell-Yard, Temple-Bar
Location of Printing London GB
Format quarto (4to)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Price (pound)
Price (shilling)
Price (pence)
Total Price (in pence)
Genre Legal
Sources ESTC (#T84355)
ECCO (#CW3324286651)
Hand-Verified No
Attempted Verification No
Verified Yes

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