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Throughout the month of August, we’ve been sharing Spotlights for our “Around the World with Six Women” Spotlight Series on travel writing. In this month’s episode of The WPHP Monthly Mercury, “A Brief Journey through Women’s Travel Writing in the Summer of 2021,” hosts Kate Moffatt and Kandice Sharren are joined by the authors of the Spotlight Series, who share what they have learned. By the end of the month, their Spotlights will have taken us vicariously through France, Italy, Germany, India, Chile, Rome, China, the Red Sea, and the Scottish Highlands with six women whose titles appear in our travel genre in the WPHP.

But this month’s episode and the Spotlight series both also touch on the stakes of travel writing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly in terms of British imperialism and colonial forces, and how considering these stakes can help us contextualize the genre. It prompted us to consider the stakes of our own travel, now that the world is opening up and travel is once again becoming a possibility.

Join us for the third episode of Season 2 of The WPHP Monthly Mercury, “A Brief Journey through Women’s Travel Writing in the Summer of 2021” to learn more about women’s involvement in travel writing, its presence in the WPHP, and to hear from WPHP research assistants Angela Wachowich, Hanieh Ghaderi, Isabelle Burrows, Victoria De Hart, Amanda Law, and Julianna Wagar about their experiences reading some of the travel writing in the WPHP and contributing to “Around the World with Six Women: A Spotlight Series on Travel Writing.”


Produced by: Kate Moffatt, Kandice Sharren, and Michelle Levy

Music: “Sweetest Bard”, from Ignatius Sancho’s Minuets, Cotillions & Country Dances for the Violin, Mandolin, German Flute, & Harpsichord Composed by an African (1767), from Played by Kandice Sharren.

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