ID 540
Last Name Spence
First Name Elizabeth Isabella
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1768-01-12
Date of Death 1832-07-27
Place of Birth Dunkeld
Place of Death Chelsea
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Role Title Date
Author Helen Sinclair: a novel. By a lady. In Two Volumes. 1799
Author The Nobility of the Heart: A Novel. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of Helen Sinclair. In Three Volumes. 1805
Author The Wedding Day, A Novel, By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of "The Nobility of the Heart," &c. &c. 1807
Author Summer Excursions through parts of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Derbyshire and South Wales. By I. E. Spence, Author of "The Nobility of the Heart," and " The Wedding-Day." Second Edition. 1809
Author Sketches of the Present Manners, Customs, and Scenery of Scotland, with Incidental Remarks on the Scottish Character. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence. Author of Summer Excursions--The Nobility of the Heart--The Wedding Day, &c. The Second Edition. In Two Volumes. 1811
Author The Curate and His Daughter; A Cornish Tale. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of Summer Excursions—A Caledonian Excursion—The Nobility of the Heart—The Wedding Day, &c. &c. In Three Volumes. 1813
Author The Spanish Guitar. A tale; for the use of young persons. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence. 1814
Author Letters from the North Highlands, During the Summer 1816. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of "A Caledonian Excursion," &c. &c. 1817
Author A Traveller's Tale of the Last Century. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, Author of Letters from the North Highlands; and The Curate and His Daughter. In Three Volumes. 1819
Author Old Stories. By Miss Spence, author of "A Traveller's Tale," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. 1822
Author How to be Rid of a Wife, and The Lily of Annandale: Tales, By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of "Letters from the North Highlands," "Old Stories," &c. &c. In two volumes. 1823
Author Dame Rebecca Berry; or, Court Scenes in the Reign of Charles the Second. In three volumes. 1827

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