ID 1029
Name Thomas Cadell Jun.
Gender Unknown
Street Address Strand
City London
Start Date 1820
End Date 1836


Displaying 25 titles of 35 total.
Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Bible Rhymes, on the Names of All the Books of the Old and New Testament: With Allusions to Some of the Principal Incidents and Characters. By Hannah More. More, Hannah 1821
Publisher Conduct is Fate. In Three Volumes. Bury, Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell 1822
Publisher Dramas of the Ancient World. By David Lyndsay. Dods, Mary Diana 1822
Publisher The Cottagers of Glenburnie; A Tale for the Farmer’s Ingle-Nook. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author of The Elementary Principles of Education, Memoirs of Modern Philosophers, &c. &c. Hamilton, Elizabeth 1822
Publisher Fragments, in Prose and Verse: by Miss Elizabeth Smith, lately deceased. With Some Account of Her Life and Character, by H. M. Bowdler. Smith (1776-1806), Elizabeth 1824
Publisher The Inheritance. By the Author of Marriage. In Three Volumes. Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone 1824
Publisher Ambition. In Three Volumes. Lewis, Mary G. 1825
Publisher Massenburg. A Tale. In three volumes. Cadell, Cecilia Mary 1825
Publisher The Inheritance. By the author of Marriage. In three volumes. Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone 1825
Publisher The spirit of prayer. By Hannah More. Selected and compiled by herself, from various portions exclusively on that subject, in her published volumes. More, Hannah 1825
Publisher Solitary Hours: By the Authoress of Ellen Fitzarthur and The Widow's Tale. Bowles, Caroline 1826
Publisher Elizabeth de Bruce. By the Author of Clan-Albin. In three volumes. Johnstone, Christian Isobel 1827
Publisher The Feast of Freedom, or, the Abolition of Domestic Slavery in Ceylon; the Vocal Parts Adapted to Music by Charles Wesley, Esq. Organist in Ordinary to His Majesty. To Which are Added, Several Unpublished Little Pieces. By Hannah More. More, Hannah 1827
Publisher Vittoria Colonna: A Tale of Rome, in the nineteenth century. In three volumes. Eaton, Charlotte Anne 1827
Publisher Records of Woman. With Other Poems. By Felicia Hemans. Hemans, Felicia 1828
Publisher Records Of Woman: With Other Poems. By Felicia Hemans. The Second Edition. Hemans, Felicia 1828
Publisher Tales of the Moors; or, Rainy Days in Ross-Shire. By the author of Selwyn in Search of a Daughter. Smyth, Amelia Gillespie 1828
Publisher Chapters on Churchyards. By the authoress of Ellen Fitzarthur, Widow's Tale, Solitary Hours, Etc. In two volumes. Bowles, Caroline 1829
Publisher Private Life; or, Varieties of Character and Opinion. In two volumes. By the author of “Geraldine,” &c. &c. Mackenzie, Mary Jane 1829
Publisher Sacred Dramas: Chiefly Intended for Young Persons. The Subjects Taken from the Bible. To Which is Added, Sensibility: An Epistle More, Hannah 1829
Publisher The Forest Sanctuary: With Other Poems Hemans, Felicia 1829
Publisher The Spirit of the Psalms, or, a Compressed Version of Select Portions of the Psalms of David, Adapted to Christian Worship. Auber, Harriet 1829
Bookseller Poems and Essays. By the late Miss Bowdler. Bowdler, Jane 1830
Publisher Private Life; or, Varieties of Character and Opinion. In two volumes. By the author of "Geraldine," &c. &c. Second Edition. Mackenzie, Mary Jane 1830
Publisher Records of Woman: With Other Poems. By Felicia Hemans. Hemans, Felicia 1830

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