ID 1313
Name Ann Lemoine
Gender Female
Street Address White Rose Court, Coleman Street
City London
Start Date 1795
End Date 1797
Related People Lemoine, Ann
Related Firms Ann Lemoine and J. Roe


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Barbastal, or, The Magician of the Forest of Bloody Ash: A Romance. Unknown 1795
Publisher Laugh When You Can; or, The Monstrous Droll Jester. Containing the Best Collection of Jests. To Which is Added, The Benevolent Jew, as Recited at the Royalty Theatre. Unknown 1795
Publisher The Facetious Story of John Gilpin; his going farther than he intended, and returning home safe at last. By Mr. Cowper, and a second part; containing an account of the disastrous accidents which befel his wife, on her return to London. By Henry Lemoine. To which is added, Gilpin's Second Holiday. Written by the late John Oakman. Cowper, William 1795
Bookseller The Mysterious Mother. A Tragedy. Walpole, Horace 1796
Publisher The Remarkable Life of John Elwes, Esq., Member in Three Successive Parliaments for Berkshire. With Singular Anecdotes, &c. Unknown 1797
Publisher The Strange and Unaccountable Life of the Penurious Daniel Dancer, Esq. A Miserable Miser Who Died in a Sack Though Worth Upwards of £3000 Per Ann. With Singular Anecdotes of the Famous Jemmy Taylor, the Southwark Usurer, A Character Well Known Upon the Stock Exchange. To Which is Added, A True Account of Henry Welby, Who Lived Invisible Forty-Four Years in Grub Street; With a Sketch of the Life of the Rev. George Harvest; Called the Absent Man; or Parson and Player. Unknown 1797
Publisher 1798. Monstrous Droll Songs. Including Those Sung at Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, Sadler's-Wells, Sans Souci, Vauxhall, &c. &c. &c. with a Selection of Toasts and Sentiments. Unknown 1798
Publisher New Art of Swimming, with Dr. Franklin's Directions to Swimmers, and Dr. Buchan's Advice on River & Sea-Bathing. Buchan, William 1798
Publisher The Life and Mysterious Transactions of Richard Morris, Esq. Better Known by the Name of Dick Spot, the Conjuror, Particularly in Derbyshire and Shropshire. Written by an Old Acquaintance. Unknown, [Man] 1798
Publisher The remarkable life of John Elwes Esq. member in three successive Parliaments, for Berkshire, with singular anecdotes, &c. Written by Captain Topham. Supposed to be the greatest instance of penury, that ever existed. A new edition. Topham, Edward 1798
Publisher The Voyages, Distresses, and Adventures of Capt. Winterfield. Written by Himself. Containing an Account of His Transactions in America, During the War; His Disastrous Voyage to England, in Which He Had the Misfortune to Be Taken by an Algerine Man of War, Near the Coast of Portugal, and Carried to Barbary, Where He Remained in Slavery Upwards of Six Years; His Miraculous Escape from Thence, With Five More, in a Canvass Boat of Their Own Construction, and Safe Arrival at Majorca: With Several Remarkable Circumstances After His Captivity; and His Safe Arrival at Last in Scotland. Winterfield 1798
Publisher Authentic Memoirs of Phebe Phillips; otherwise Maria Maitland; well known in the vicinity of Covent Garden. Written by herself. Phillips, Phebe 1799
Publisher Biographical Curiosities. The Strange and unaccountable life of the penurious Daniel Dancer, Esq. A miserable miser, who died in a sack, though worth upwards of three thousand pounds per annum. With singular anecdotes of the famous Jemmy Taylor, the southwark usurer. To which is added the life of the Rev. George Harvest, parson and comedian. A New edition with Additions. Unknown 1799
Publisher Kilverstone Castle; or, The Heir Restored. An English Gothic Story, Founded on a Fact Which Happened on the Dawn of the Reformation. Unknown 1799
Publisher The Life and Mysterious Transactions of Richard Morris, Esq. Better Known by the Name of Dick Spot, the Conjuror, Particularly in Derbyshire and Shropshire. Written by an Old Acquaintance Who Was a Critical Observer of All His Actions for Near Fifty Years. Including Singular, Whimsical, and Curious Anecdotes of Many Living Characters; Unaccountable and Mysterious Transactions; Lost Property Restored; Life Preserved; Robberies Prevented; Deaths Frequently Foretold, (Particularly That of the Unfortunate King of Sweden, Which He Declared in Print More That Three Months Before It Happened); And Proving Every Thing Belonging to the History of This Wonderful Man, to Have Been Beyond the Settled Rules by Which Human Actions and Life Are in General Regulated. 1799
Publisher The Life of That King of Thieves Jonathan Wild. With Anecdotes of Joseph Blake, Alias Blue. Unknown 1799
Publisher The little Gipsy Girl; or, Universal Fortune Teller. To which is added a complete Dreaming Dictionary. Unknown 1799
Publisher The Little Gipsy Girl; or, Universal Fortune Teller. To Which is Added, Charms and Ceremonies For Knowing Future Events; and a Complete Dreaming Dictionary. Unknown 1799
Publisher The magdalen, or, History of the first penitent prostitute received into that charitable asylum. With anecdotes of other penitents. By the Rev. William Dodd, LL.D. Dodd, William 1799
Publisher The Magdalen; or, History of the First Penitent Prostitute Received Into That Charitable Asylum. With Anecdotes of Other Penitents. By the Rev. William Dodd. Unknown, [Man] 1799
Publisher The Sorrows of Werter. A Pathetic Story. Unknown 1799
Publisher The Woman of the Town; or, Authentic Memoirs of Phebe Phillips; Otherwise Maria Maitland; Well Known in the Vicinity of Covent Garden. Written by Herself. Phillips, Phebe 1799
Publisher Death, A Poem by Beilby Porteus. The Grave, A Poem by Robert Blair, and Gray's Elegy, Written in a Court Church-Yard. Porteus, Beilby 1800
Publisher English nights entertainments. The history of Oroonoko, or, The royal slave. Written originally by Mrs. Behn, and revised by Mrs. Griffiths. Griffith, Elizabeth 1800
Publisher English nights entertainments. The life, adventures and distresses of Charlotte Dupont, and her lover Belanger; who, it is supposed, underwent a greater variety of real misfortunes and miraculous adventures, than any couple that ever existed. Written by Mrs. Aubin. Aubin, Penelope 1800

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