ID 134
Name Thomas Plummer and George Brewis [8 Love Lane]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 8 Love Lane, East Cheap
City London
Start Date 1810
End Date 1816


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Poems by Caroline Symmons, and Charles Symmons, D. D. author of "The Life of Milton," &c. &c. Symmons , Caroline (Author)
Symmons , Charles (Author)
Printer The Castle of Tariffa; or, The Self-Banished Man. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By the Author of The Fugitive Daughter, or Eva of Cambria; Ora and Juliet, or Influence of First Principles. Beauclerc , Amelia (Author)
Printer Domestic Management; or, the Healthful Cookery-Book. To which is prefixed a Treatise on Diet, as the surest means to preserve health, long life, &c. With many valuable observation on the nutrious and beneficial as well as the injurious effects of various kinds of food; also remarks on the wholesome and pernicious modes of cookery. Intended as an Antidote to modern Errors therein. To which is added, The method of treating such trifling medical cases as properly come within the sphere of domestic management. By a lady. Second edition, corrected and enlarged. Plumptre , Annabella (Author)
Printer Familiar Poems, Moral and Religious. By Susannah Wilson. Wilson , Susannah (Author)
Printer St Aelian's, or the Cursing Well. A Poem. By Charlotte Wardle. Wardle , Charlotte (Author)
Printer The Fugitive; or, Family Incidents. In Three Volumes. By the author of Private History of the Court of England, Romance Readers and Romance Writers, &c. &c. Green , Sarah (Author)
Printer The Observant Pedestrian Mounted; or a Donkey Tour to Brighton, A Comic Sentimental Novel. In Three Volumes. By the author of The Mystic Cottager—Observant Pedestrian—Montrose—Splendid Follies, &c. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Printer Uncle Tweazy and His Quizzical Neighbours: A Comi-Satiric Novel. In Three Volumes. By the author of The "Observant Pedestrian," &c. &c. &c. Unknown , (Author)
Printer Purity of Heart; or, The Ancient Costume. A Tale, in one volume, addressed to the author of Glenarvon. By an old wife of twenty years. The second edition. Thomas , Elizabeth (Author)

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