ID 1446
Name Elizabeth Newbery
Gender Female
Street Address At the corner of St. Paul's Churchyard
City London
Start Date 1780
End Date 1804
Related People Newbery, Elizabeth


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Publisher The History of Little King Pippin; with an Account of the Melancholy Death of Four Naughty Boys, who were Devoured by Wild Beasts. And the Wonderful Delivery of Master Harry Harmless, by a Little White Horse. Unknown 1786
Publisher The History of Tommy Titmouse, a Little Boy, who became a great man by minding his learning, doing as he was bid, and being good-natured and obliging to every body. Together with the adventures of the old man of the woods, and other stories equally pleasing and instructive. Embellished with cuts. Unknown 1786
Publisher The Little Moralists; or, the History of Amintor and Florella, The Pretty Little Shepherd and Shepherdess of the Vale of Evesham. Embellished with cuts. Unknown 1786
Publisher The Puzzling Cap: A Choice Collection of Riddles, in familiar verse; with a curious cut to each. Unknown 1786
Publisher The sister's gift, or the naughty boy reformed. Published for the advantage of the rising generation. Unknown 1786
Bookseller Fables; ancient and modern: after the manner of Lafontaine. By William Wallbeck. Wallbeck, William 1787
Publisher A New History of England, by Question and Answer, Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, particularly M. Rapin de Thoyras, For the Instruction and Entertainment of our Youth of Both Sexes. By the author of the Roman History by Question and Answer. The Twenty-First Edition corrected, and brought down to the present time. Adorned with Thirty-two Copper-Plates, representing the most remarkable Occurrences, and the Heads of all the Kings and Queens. Lockman, John 1787
Publisher Eleonora. By M. Goethe, author of The sorrows of Werter. To which is added A poetic epistle from Werter to Charlotte. Goethe, M. 1787
Publisher False Alarms; or The Mischievous Doctrine of Ghosts and Apparitions, of Spectres and Hobgoblins, Exploded from the Minds of Every Miss and Master. To which is added, The Little Prisoner, A Moral Tale. Johnson, Richard 1787
Publisher Geography for children; or, a short and easy method of teaching and learning geography: designed principally for the use of schools. Whereby Even Children may in a short Time know the Use of the Terrestrial Globe and Geographical Maps, and all the considerable Countries in the World; their Situation, Boundaries, Extent, Divisions, Islands, Rivers, Lakes, Chief Cities, Government and Religion. Divided into Lessons, by Way of Question and Answer: with a new general map of the world, and also a list of maps necessary for children. Translated from the French of Abbot Lenglet du Fresnoy, and now greatly augmented and improved throughout the Whole. The fifteenth edition. To which is prefixed, a method of learning geography without a master, for the Use of such grown Persons as have neglected this useful Study in their Youth. and a table of the latitude and longitude of the most remarkable places mentioned in this work. As also a Print of the Orrery. Lenglet du Fresnoy, Nicolas 1787
Publisher Moral Lectures, on the Following Subjects. Pride, Envy, Avarice, Anger, Hypocrisy, Charity, Generosity, Compassion, Ill-Humour, Good-Humour, Affectation, Truth, Falshood, Education, Industry, Wisdom, Indolence, Application, Beauty, Advice, Company, Splendor, Happiness, Friendship, Mankind, Credulity, Contempt, Modesty. By Solomon Winlove, Esq; Embellished with twenty-eight curious cuts. Unknown 1787
Publisher The adventures of a silver penny. Including many secret anecdotes of little misses and masters both good and naughty. Embellished with cuts. Unknown 1787
Publisher The adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses. By the Archbishop of Cambray. In French and English. The original carefully printed according to the best editions of France; and corrected by John Perrin. ... Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe 1787
Publisher The Brother's Gift; or The Naughty Girl Reformed. Published for the Advantage of the Rising Generation. Unknown 1787
Publisher The Flights of a Lady-Bird. Unknown 1787
Publisher The Foundling; or, the History of Lucius Stanhope. Embellished with cuts. Johnson, Richard 1787
Publisher The Life and Adventures of a Fly. Supposed to have been written by himself. Illustrated with cuts. Jones, Stephen 1787
Publisher The Lives of the British Admirals. Displaying, in the most striking colours, the conduct and heroism of the naval commanders of Great Britain & Ireland. Whose intrepidity has convinced the world, that Britannia is the Sovereign of the Ocean. Intended not only to Instruct and Entertain, but also to animate the Youth of this Country with a becoming Ardour, to imitate the glorious Actions of these Heroes, if their Duty should hereafter call them forth in the Defence of their Country. Unknown 1787
Publisher The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror. Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightful Little Stories and Interesting Tales. Chiefly Translated from that Much Admired Work, L'Ami des Enfans, or, The Childrens Friend. Berquin, Arnaud 1787
Publisher The Mountain Piper; or, The History of Edgar and Matilda. To which is added, A Journey to London, a Moral Tale. Embellished with Cuts. Unknown 1787
Publisher The Pilgrim's Progress. Bunyan, John 1787
Bookseller Facile introduction a la connoissance de la nature et a la lecture des saintes ecritures. Mise À la Portée des jeunes gens des deux sexes. Traduit de L'Anglois de Mrs. Trimmer, par M. Le Bas de St. Amand. Trimmer, Sarah 1788
Bookseller The farmer convinced; or, the reviewers of the Monthly Review anatomized; their ignorance expos’d; and their vague, futile, and fallacious assertions refuted. Also, W-----’s new and compendious system of husbandry dissected; with Remarks on his Patent Drill Machine. By Benjamin Bramble, An Old Experienced Farmer. Winter, George 1788
Publisher A New History of England. From the earliest period to the present time. On a plan recommended by the Earl of Chesterfield. Embellished with copper-plates, elegantly engraved from the designs of Mr. Wale. By the Reverend Mr. Cooper. A new edition. Johnson, Richard 1788
Publisher Clarissa, or, The History of a Young Lady. Comprehending the most important concerns of private life. Abridged from the works of Samuel Richardson, Esq. Author of Pamela, and Sir Charles Grandison. A new edition. Richardson, Samuel 1788

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