ID 1449
Name Charles and John Rivington
Gender Unknown
Street Address 62 St Paul's Churchyard
City London
Start Date 1810
End Date 1822


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The complete housewife: or, accomplished gentlewoman’s companion. Being a collection of upwards of seven hundred of the most approved receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Confectionary, Preserving, Pickles, Cakes, Creams, Jellies, Made Wines, Cordials. With Copper Plates, curiously engraven, for the regular Disposition or Placing of the various Dishes and Courses. And Also, Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year. To which is added, A Collection of above Three Hundred Family Receipts of Medicines; viz. Drinks, Syrups, Salves, Ointments, and various other Things of sovereign and approved Efficacy in most Distempers, Pains, Aches, Wounds, Sores, &c. particularly Mrs. Stevens’s Medicine for the Cure of the Stone and Gravel, and Dr. Mead’s famous Receipt for the Cure of a Bite of a mad Dog; with several other excellent Receipts for the same, which have cured when the Persons were disordered, and the salt Water failed; never before made public; fit either for private Families, or such public-spirited Gentlewomen as would be beneficent to their poor Neighbours. With Directions for Marketing. By E. Smith. The seventeenth edition, with additions. Smith , Eliza (Author)
Ware , Catherine (Publisher)
Bookseller A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Paul, London: On Thursday, June 14, 1792. Being the time of the yearly meeting of the children educated in the charity schools, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster. By the Right Reverend John, Lord Bishop of Bangor. Published at the Request of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, And the Trustees of the several Schools. To which is annexed, An account of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Warren , John (Author)
Rivington , Ann (Printer)
Bookseller A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the Sons of the Clergy, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Tuesday, May 10, 1796. By the Rev. Thomas Rennell, D.D. Late fellow of King's College, Cambridge. To which are added, lists of the nobility, clergy, and gentry, who have been stewards for the feasts of the Sons of the Clergy, together with the names of the preachers, and the sums collected at the anniversary meetings, since the year 1721. Rivington , Ann (Printer)
Rennell , Reverend Thomas (Author)
Publisher A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hindostan; Comprising a Period between the Years 1804 and 1814: with Remarks and Authentic Anecdotes. To Which Is Annexed, a Guide up the River Ganges, with a Map from the Source to the Mouth. By A. D. Deane , Ann (Author)
Publisher Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and Opinions, Collected and Preserved by Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins. In Two Volumes. Hawkins , Laetitia-Matilda (Author)
Bookseller Patriarchal Times; or, The Land of Canaan: A Figurative History, In Seven Books. Comprising Interesting Events, Incidents, & Characters, Founded on the Holy Scriptures. By Miss O'Keeffe. In Two Volumes. O'Keeffe , Adelaide (Author)
Publisher Patriarchal Times; or, The Land of Canaan: In Seven Books. Founded on the Holy Scriptures. By Miss O'Keefe, Author of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, and Dudley O'Keeffe , Adelaide (Author)
Publisher The old English baron: a Gothic story. By Clara Reeve. And The castle of Otranto: by Horace Walpole ... with a biographical preface. Walpole , Horace (Author)
Reeve , Clara (Author)
Bookseller A Popular Description of St. Paul's Cathedral; including a brief history of the Old and New Cathedral, with explanations of the Monumental Designs; and Other Interesting Particulars. Seventeenth Edition. Hackett , Maria (Author)
Publisher A Collection of Prayers for Household Use, with a Few Hymns and Other Poems. Harper , Catherine (Author)
Publisher The Spirit of the Psalms, or, a Compressed Version of Select Portions of the Psalms of David, Adapted to Christian Worship. Auber Harvey , Henry (Author)
Auber , Harriet (Author)
Auber Harvey , Henry (Editor)
Publisher Poetical Remains of a Clergyman's Wife Fallows , Elizabeth (Author)
Fallows , Thomas Mount (Editor)

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