ID 1467
Name George and John Robinson
Gender Male
Street Address Addison's Head, No. 25 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1802
End Date 1806


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author of the memoirs of modern philosophers, & c. Hamilton, Elizabeth 1801
Publisher Fabulous Histories. Designed for the instruction of children, respecting their treatment of animals. By Mrs. Trimmer. Seventh edition. Trimmer, Sarah 1802
Publisher Helen of Glenross; a novel. By the author of Historic Tales. In four volumes. Martin, Harriet 1802
Publisher Lady Geraldine Beaufort. A Novel in Three Volumes. By a Daughter of the Late Serjeant Wilson. Wilson, Ann 1802
Publisher Travels in the Crimea. A History of The Embassy from Petersburg to Constantinople, in 1793. Including Their Journey through Kremenstschuck, Oczakow, Walachia, and Moldavia, with Their Reception at the Court of Selim the Third. By a Secretary to the Russian Embassy. Godwin, Mary Jane 1802
Bookseller Light and Shade: A Novel. By the Author of Federetta; Rebecca; Miriam; and Concealment, or the Cascade of Lantwarrybn. Foster, Mrs. E. M. 1803
Publisher Canterbury Tales. The Second Edition. Lee, Harriet 1803
Publisher Canterbury Tales. Volume the Fourth. By Harriet Lee. The Second Edition. Lee, Harriet 1803
Publisher Canterbury Tales. Volume the Second. By Sophia Lee. The Third Edition. Lee, Sophia 1803
Publisher Delphine: A Novel. By Madame de Stael-Holstein. Translated from the French. In Three Volumes. de Staël von Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine 1803
Publisher Romance of the Pyrenees. In four volumes. Cuthbertson, Catherine 1803
Publisher The Cave Of Cosenza: A Romance Of The Eighteenth Century. Altered From The Italian. By Eliza Nugent Bromley; Author Of Laura And Augustus. Dedicated, by Permission, to His Royal Highness The Duke Of York. In two volumes. Bromley, Eliza Nugent 1803
Publisher The Mysteries of Udolpho, a Romance; Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry. By Ann Radcliffe, author of The Romance of the Forest, &c. Illustrated with Copper-Plates. The Fifth Edition. In Four Volumes. Radcliffe, Ann 1803
Publisher The Political and Confidential Correspondence of Lewis the Sixteenth. With Observations on Each Letter. By Hellen Maria Williams. Williams, Helen Maria 1803
Bookseller Memoirs of modern philosophers. In Three Volumes. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author of "The Letters of Hindoo Rajab." Fourth Edition. Hamilton, Elizabeth 1804
Publisher Canterbury Tales. Volume the First. By Harriet Lee. The Fourth Edition. Lee, Harriet 1804
Publisher Les veillées du château, ou, Cours de morale à l'usage des enfans. Par l'auteur l'Adèle et Théodore. du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Stéphanie Félicité 1804
Publisher Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, the Wife of Germanicus. By Elizabeth Hamilton, author of "Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education;" &c. &c. Hamilton, Elizabeth 1804
Publisher The Captive of Valence; or The Last Moments of Pius VI. In Two Volumes. Unknown 1804
Publisher The India Voyage; by Mrs. H. Lefanu, Daughter of the Late Thomas Sheridan, M.A. In Two Volumes. Lefanu, Elizabeth 1804
Publisher The Life of a Lover. In a Series of Letters. By Sophia Lee. In Six Volumes. Lee, Sophia 1804

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