ID 817
Last Name de Staël von Holstein
First Name Anne Louise Germaine
Title Baroness
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1766-04-22
Date of Death 1817-07-14
Place of Birth Paris
Place of Death Paris
Wikipedia Entryël
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Role Title Date
Author Letters on the works and character of J. J. Rousseau. To which are Added A Letter from the Countess Alexandre de Vassy to the Baroness de Stael, with the Baroness's Answer, and an Account of the last Moments of Rousseau. By Mademoiselle Necker, Baroness de Stael. Translated from the French. 1789
Author Réflexions sur le procès de la reine, par une femme. 1793
Author A treatise on the influence of the passions, upon the happiness of individuals and of nations. Illustrated by striking references to the Principal Events and Characters that have Distinguished the French Revolution. From the French of the Baroness Stael de Holstein. To which is prefixed a sketch of her life, by the translator 1798
Author Delphine. By Madame de Stael-Holstein. In Six Volumes. 1803
Author Delphine: A Novel. By Madame de Stael-Holstein. Translated from the French. In Three Volumes. 1803
Author Margaret of Strafford, an Historical Romance: Interspersed with Several Anecdotes of the Reign of Charles II. And other Memorials Relative to the Revolution. In Five Vols. By Madame de Stael, author of Delphine, &c. &c. 1803
Author Corinna, or Italy. By Mad. de Staël Holstein. In Three Volumes. 1807
Author Corinna; or, Italy. By Mad. de Staël Holstein. In Five Volumes. Translated from the French, by D. Lawler. 1807
Author Corinne ou L'Italie, Par Mme. De Stael Holstein. 1808
Author The Libertine Husband. A Novel, in two volumes. Translated from the French of Madam de Stael Holstein, author of "Delphine," "Corinna," &c. 1810
Author De L'Allemagne. Par Mme la Baronne de Staël Holstein. Seconde Édition. 1813
Author Zulma, and Other Tales: To Which is Prefixed an Essay on Fictions. By the Baroness de Stael Holstein. Translated from the French. In Two Volumes. 1813
Author Bibliothèque des dames, ou Recueil des meilleurs romans français. Tome première quatriè̀me. 1814
Author Zulma, and other tales, to which is prefixed an essay on fictions, by the baroness de Staël Holstein. Translated from the French. In two volumes. 1820
Author Corinne. By Madame de Staël. Complete in one volume. 1833

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