ID 1701
Name Robert Vaughan Brooke [Cateaton Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 2 Cateaton Street
City London
Start Date 1778
End Date 1781


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Bookseller Fables by the late Mr. Gay. In one volume complete. Gay, John 1770
Bookseller Fables calculated for the amusement and instruction of youth: originally dedicated to a young prince, for whose improvement they were written. Taken from the French. Unknown 1789
Bookseller Divine emblems, or temporal things spiritualized. Fitted for the use of boys and girls. To which is added, A caution to stir up to watch against sin. By John Bunyan, author of the Pilgrim's Progress. Adorned with a new set of cuts. Bunyan, John 1790
Bookseller Early Piety: or, Memoirs of children, eminently serious. Interspersed with familiar dialogues; emblematical pictures, prayers, graces, and hymns. By George Burger, Minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the late Rev. Dr. Peckwell. The Fifth Edition. With Eight new copper-plate cuts. Burder, George 1795
Publisher The law-dictionary: explaining the rise, progress, and present state, of the English law, in theory and practice; defining and interpreting the terms or words of art; and comprising copious information, historical, political, and commercial, of the subjects of our law, trade, and government. Originally compiled by Giles Jacob; and continued by him, and other editors, through ten editions: now greatly enlarged and improved, by many material corrections and additions, from the latest statutes, reports, and other accurate publications; by T. E. Tomlins, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. In two volumes. ... Newbery, Elizabeth 1797

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