ID 1701
Name Robert Vaughan Brooke [Cateaton Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 2 Cateaton Street
City London
Start Date 1778
End Date 1781


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller Fables by the late Mr. Gay. In one volume complete. Gay , John (Author)
Luckman , Mary (Bookseller)
Luckman , Mary (Printer)
Bookseller Fables calculated for the amusement and instruction of youth: originally dedicated to a young prince, for whose improvement they were written. Taken from the French. Unknown , (Author)
Unknown , (Translator)
Bookseller Divine emblems, or temporal things spiritualized. Fitted for the use of boys and girls. To which is added, A caution to stir up to watch against sin. By John Bunyan, author of the Pilgrim's Progress. Adorned with a new set of cuts. Bunyan , John (Author)
Luckman , Mary (Bookseller)
Bookseller Early Piety: or, Memoirs of children, eminently serious. Interspersed with familiar dialogues; emblematical pictures, prayers, graces, and hymns. By George Burger, Minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the late Rev. Dr. Peckwell. The Fifth Edition. With Eight new copper-plate cuts. Burder , George (Author)
Luckman , Mary (Bookseller)
Luckman , Mary (Printer)
Publisher The law-dictionary: explaining the rise, progress, and present state, of the English law, in theory and practice; defining and interpreting the terms or words of art; and comprising copious information, historical, political, and commercial, of the subjects of our law, trade, and government. Originally compiled by Giles Jacob; and continued by him, and other editors, through ten editions: now greatly enlarged and improved, by many material corrections and additions, from the latest statutes, reports, and other accurate publications; by T. E. Tomlins, of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. In two volumes. ... Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Jacob , Giles (Author)
Jacob , Giles (Compiler)

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