ID 3507
Last Name Burder
First Name George
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1752-06-05
Date of Death 1832-05-29
Place of Birth Islington
Place of Death London
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Role Title Date
Author A Collection of Hymns, from various authors. Intended as a supplement to Dr. Watts's Hymns, and Imitation of the Psalms. 1784
Author The Pilgrim's Progress, from this world, to that which is to come. Delivered under the similitude of a dream. Wherein is discovered, I. The manner of his setting out. II. his dangerous journey; III. his safe arrival at the desired country. By John Bunyan. A new editions, divided into Chapters. To which are added, large explanatory and practical notes; with the life of the author: by G. Burder, minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the Rev. Mr. Wills, of London; and the Rev. Dr. Gillies, of Glasgow. 1790
Author Early Piety: or, Memoirs of children, eminently serious. Interspersed with familiar dialogues; emblematical pictures, prayers, graces, and hymns. By George Burger, Minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the late Rev. Dr. Peckwell. The Fifth Edition. With Eight new copper-plate cuts. 1795
Author Coming sinners welcome to Christ. A sermon, by George Burder, selected from the volume entitled "Village sermons." 1803
Author 'Tis all for the best. 1808
Author The Publications, of the Virginia Religious Tract Society. The distribution of cheap pious books is a very useful method of spreading the knowledge of religion. Much good may thus be done, to considerable numbers at once, in a most acceptable manner, and for a trifling expence 1813
Author Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Versified; for the Entertainment and Instruction of Youth. By George Burder, Author of Village Sermons, &c. With Other Poems Subjoined. 1814
Author A new heart the child's best portion. 1817
Editor Poetical Efforts Intended Chiefly for Private Circulation. 1826

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