ID 181
Name Thomas Becket [Strand]
Gender Male
Street Address 73 Tully's Head, Corner of Adelphi, Strand
City London
Start Date 1760
End Date 1777


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller An essay on the writings and genius of Shakespear, compared with the Greek and French dramatic poets. With some remarks upon the misrepresentations of Mons. de Voltaire. The second edition. Montagu , Elizabeth (Author)
Denoyer , Mrs. H. (Bookseller)
Publisher The art of cookery, made plain and easy; which far exceeds any thing of the kind yet published. Containing, I. How to Roast and Boil to Perfection every Thing necessary to be sent up to Table. II. Of Made-Dishes. III. How expensive a French Cook's Sauce is. IV. To make a Number of pretty little Dishes for a Supper or Side-Dish, and little Corner-Dishes for a great Table. V. To dress Fish. VI. Of Soops aud Broths. Vii. Of Puddings. Viii. Of Pies. IX. For a Lent Dinner; a Number of good Dishes, which you may make use of at any other time. X. Directions to prepare proper Food for the Sick. XI. For Captains of Ships; how to make all useful Things for a Voyage; and setting out a Table on board a Ship. XII. Of Hogs Puddings, Sausages, &c. XIII. To pot and make Hams, &c. XIV. Of Pickling. XV. Of making Cakes, &c. XVI. Of Cheese-Cakes, Creams, Jellies, Whipt. Syllabubs, &c. XVII. Of made Wines, Brewing, French Bread, Muffins, &c. XVIII. Jarring Cherries and Preserves, &c. XIX. To make Anchovies, Vermicella, Catchup, Vinegar, and to keep Artichokes, French Beans, &c. XX. Of Distilling. XXI. How to market; the Seasons of the Year for Butchers Meat, Poultry, Fish, Herbs, Roots, and Fruit. XXII. A certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog. By Dr. Mead. XXIII. A Receipt to keep clear from Buggs. To which are added, by way of appendix, one hundred and fifty new and Useful receipts, And a Copious Index. By a lady. A new edition. Glasse , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Indolence: A Poem. By the author of Almida. Celesia , Dorothea (Author)
Bookseller Sermons on the following subjects, viz. I. Friendship. II. Gratitude to God. III. Mercy. IV. Pride. V. Sinful Anger. VI. The Advantages of Early Piety. Vii. The unsearchableness of God's ways, and the Benefits of Afflictive Providence. By Mary Deverell. Deverell , Mary (Author)
Farley , Sarah (Publisher)
Farley , Sarah (Printer)
Publisher Old City Manners. A Comedy. Altered from the Original Eastward Hoe, written by Ben Jonson, Chapman, and Marston. By Mrs. Lennox. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. Lennox , Charlotte (Author)
Publisher The history of Fanny Meadows. In a series of letters. By the author of The exemplary mother. ... Cooper , Maria Susanna (Author)
Publisher Jane Shore to her friend: a poetical epistle. By the authoress of The exemplary mother, &c. Cooper , Maria Susanna (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of Miss Sophy Sternheim. From the German of Mr. Wieland. By E. Harwood, D.D. In two volumes. von la Roche , Marie Sophie (Author)
Harwood , Edward (Translator)
Publisher Sentimental discourses upon religion and morality. By a lady. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The New English Theatre in Twelve Volumes, containing the most valuable plays which have been acted on the London stage. Lillo , George (Author)
Philips , Ambrose (Author)
Cibber , Colley (Author)
and 30 more.
Publisher The rambles of Mr. Frankly. Published by his sister. Vol. III. Bonhote , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The Runaway, a Comedy: as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Publisher The Runaway, a Comedy: as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Second Edition. Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Publisher The Runaway. A Comedy. Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. A New Edition. Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Bookseller Instructions of a Duchess to her son. Translated into English from the original Italian, by a young lady. To which are added some notes. Vastogirardi , Augusta Caterina Petra (Author)
Sastres , Francesco (Translator)
Publisher A dialogue on friendship and society. by the Translator of the Life of Petrarch. Dobson , Susannah (Author)
Publisher Captivity, a poem. And Celadon and Lydia, a tale. Dedicated, by permission, to Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire. By Mrs. Robinson. Robinson , Mary (Author)

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