ID 188
Name Lane, Darling, and Co.
Gender Unknown
Street Address 31 Leadenhall Street
City London
Start Date 1806
End Date 1813


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer Alvondown Vicarage. A Novel. In Two Volumes. Roche I, Regina Maria 1807
Printer Baron de Falkenheim. A German Tale of the Sixteenth Century. In two volumes. Unknown 1807
Printer The Bandit's Bride; or, The Maid of Saxony. A Romance. In Four Volumes. By the Author of Montbrasil Abbey, &c. Stanhope, Louisa Sidney 1807
Printer "There is a Secret, Find it Out!". A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Meeke, Author of Amazement, Old Wife and Young Husband, Wonder of the Village, &c. &c. Meeke, Elizabeth 1808
Printer Falconbridge Abbey. A Devonshire Story. In Five Volumes. By Mrs. Hanway, Author Of Ellinor, And Andrew Stuart. Hanway, Mary Ann 1809
Printer The Unpublished Correspondence of Madame du Deffand; with d'Alembert, Montesquieu, the President Henault, the Duchess du Maine, Mesdames de Staal, de Choiseul, the Marquis d'Argens, the Chevalier d'Aydie, &c. Followed by the Letters of Voltaire to Madame du Deffand. Translated from the Original French, By Mrs. Meeke. In Two Volumes. Meeke, Elizabeth 1810
Publisher Almeria D'Aveiro; or, The Irish Guardian. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Mackenzie, author of Mysteries Elucidated; Feudal Events; Martin and Mansfeldt; Dusseldorf; Neapolitan, &c. &c. Mackenzie, Anna Maria 1811
Printer Says She To Her Neighbour, What? In Four Volumes. By an Old-Fashioned Englishman. Hofland, Barbara 1812
Printer The Young Northern Traveller. Being a Series of Letters from Frederick to Charles, during a Tour through the North of Europe. By the Author of The Officer’s Widow and Family; The Clergyman’s Widow and Family; The Daughter-in-Law, &c. Hofland, Barbara 1813

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