ID 207
Name Rene Juigné
Gender Unknown
Street Address 17 Margaret Street, Cavendish Square
City London
Start Date 1807
End Date 1811


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The maid of the hamlet. A tale. In two volumes. By Regina Maria Roche, author of The Children of the Abbey, Vicar of Lansdowne, Clermont, &c. Second edition, with additions. Roche I , Regina Maria (Author)
Printer Memoirs of the Life of the Great Condé. By His Serene Highness Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Condé. Holcroft , Fanny (Translator)
de Bourbon , Louis Joseph (Author)
Printer Corinne ou L'Italie, Par Mme. De Stael Holstein. de Staël von Holstein , Anne Louise Germaine (Author)
Printer St. Justin; or, The Hour of Trial. A Romance, in three volumes. By Sophia Bouverie, author of "Lord Hubert of Arundell." Bouverie , Sophia (Author)
Printer Élizabeth, ou, Les exilés de Sibérie. Par Mme. Cottin. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)
Printer Mathilde, ou Memoires Tires de L'Histoire des Croisades. Par Mme. Cottin. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)
Printer Tales of the hermitage; in English and Italian. Translated by V. Peretti. Second edition. Pilkington , Mary (Author)
Peretti , Vincent (Translator)
Printer The Earl of Desmond; or, O'Brien's Cottage. An Irish Story, in three volumes. By Mrs. Maxwell, author of "Lionel, or The Impenetrable Secret," &c. &c. Maxwell , Caroline (Author)
Printer The Spanish Lady, and The Norman Knight. A Romance of the Eleventh Century. In Two Volumes, By Kate Montalbion. Bayley , Catharine (Author)
Printer Montalva; or Annals of Guilt. A Tale. By A. Hamilton, author of The Irishman in London. Hamilton , Ann Mary (Author)
Printer The Adventures Of A Seven-Shilling Piece. In Two Volumes. By A. Hamilton, Author Of Montalva, &c. &c. &c. Hamilton , Ann Mary (Author)

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