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Coles, Elisha. A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English; containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into the other. To which end many things that were erroneous, are rectified, many superfluities retrenched, and very many defects supplied. And all suited to the meanest capacities, in a plainer method than heretofore; being for ease reduced into an alphabetical order, and explained in the mother tongue. And towards the compleating the English part (which hath been long desired) here are added thousands of words, phrases, proverbs, proper names, and many other useful things mentioned in the preface to the work. The seventeenth edition, with large additions. By Elisha Coles, late of Magdalen-College, Oxon. London: Allington Wilde II, Thomas Osborne II, James Bonwicke II, Edward Ballard, John Worrall, John and Thomas Pote, John Fuller [Cheapside], Benjamin Barker, Charles Bathurst [Cross Keys], Henry Woodfall II, Thomas Waller, John Beecroft, John Rivington I, Benjamin Dod [Dodd], John Hinton [St. Paul's Churchyard], William Strahan, Robert Baldwin I, Lacey Hawes, William Clarke, Robert Collins, Robert Horsfield, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], Thomas Caslon, Stanley Crowder, Thomas Longman II, Paul Stevens, George Keith, Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], Thomas Field, Edward Dilly, Ann and Charles Corbett, John Wilkie, Catherine and Richard Ware, Zachariah Stuart, George Kearsley [Ludgate Street], James Waugh, John Coote, Thomas Lowndes [Fleet Street], George Knapp, Anne Shuckburgh, Jane Hinxman, Mary Richardson, Benjamin Collins, 1764.
Croxall, Samuel. Fables of Aesop and Others: Translated into English. With instructive applications; and a print before each fable. By Samuel Croxall, D.D. Late Archdeacon of Hereford. The twelfth edition, carefully revised, and improved. London: John Rivington and Sons [or J. F. and C. Rivington], Stanley Crowder, George Robinson [ii], Thomas Cadell [London], Joseph Johnson, Charles Dilly, Robert Baldwin I, Thomas Lowndes [77 Fleet Street], Bedwell Law [13 Ave Maria Lane, 1767-1790, 1794-1795], John Bew [Paternoster Row], Thomas Caslon, William Strahan, Elizabeth Newbery, Thomas Longman II, William Goldsmith [Paternoster Row], William Ginger [1767-1792, 1805-1830], Benjamin Collins, 1782.
Hawkins, John. The life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. By Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London: James Buckland [57 Paternoster], John Rivington and Sons [or J. F. and C. Rivington], Thomas Payne and Son, Lockyer Davis [Gray's Inn Gate], Benjamin White and Son, Thomas Longman II, Bedwell Law [13 Ave Maria Lane, 1767-1790, 1794-1795], James Dodsley, Henry Baldwin [Fleet Street], James Robson, Joseph Johnson, Charles Dilly, Thomas Vernor [Birchin Lane], William Nicol, George, George, John and James Robinson, Thomas Cadell [London], Thomas Carnan, J. Nichols [Unknown], John Bew [Paternoster Row], Robert Baldwin I, Nathaniel Conant [Fleet Street], William Goldsmith [Paternoster Row], Robert Faulder, William Lowndes [76 Fleet Street], Thomas Evans [32 Paternoster Row], William Bent [34 Paternoster], Samuel Hayes, George and Thomas Wilkie, Thomas and John Egerton, William Fox, Benjamin Collins, Elizabeth Newbery, 1787.
Unknown, . A museum for young gentlemen and ladies; or a private tutor for little masters and misses. Containing a variety of useful subjects; ... London: William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch], Crosby and Letterman, Elizabeth Newbery, Benjamin Collins, 1800.