ID 222
Name Thomas Ostell
Gender Unknown
Street Address 3 Ave Maria Lane
City London
Start Date 1804
End Date 1808


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller The Pilgrim of the Cross; or, The Chronicles of Christabelle de Mowbray. An Ancient Legend. In Four Volumes. By Elizabeth Helme, author of St. Margaret's Cave, or the Nun's Story; Louisa, or the Cottage on the Moor; St. Clair of the Isles, &c. &c. Helme , Elizabeth (Author)
Bookseller Lady Maclairn, The Victim of Villainy. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Hunter, of Norwich, Author of Letitia; The Unexpected Legacy; The History of the Grubthorpe Family; Palmerstone's Letters, &c. &c. Hunter , Rachel (Author)
Bookseller The History of Scotland: Related in Familiar Conversations, by a Father to His Children: interspersed with moral and instructive remarks, and observations on the most leading and interesting subjects. Designed for the perusal of youth. By Elizabeth Helme, author of "Instructive Rambles", "Maternal Instruction," "The History of England, as related by a father to his children", &c. &c. In two volumes. Helme , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. Addressed to a Lady. By Mrs. Chapone. With the life of the author. A new edition. Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Bookseller The Convict, or Navy Lieutenant. A Novel. By Mrs. Parsons, author of The Miser and His Family; Murray House; The Mysterious Visit, &c. &c. &c. Four Volumes. Parsons , Eliza (Author)
Publisher The experimental farmer: being strictures on various branches of husbandry and agriculture, drawn from a long series of practice in different parts of Great-Britain; containing observations on planting & preserving young trees, with an approved method of thinning them, to become timber. Likewise, plans for laying-out land, on a five and four field system. Also, a new method to bring the most barren land into cultivation, for meadows and sheep walks. And a variety of other useful information in every branch of this art, absolutely necessary for every person, from the opulent farmer, to the proprietors of small pieces of land. By Thomas Tibbs, farmer. Late land-steward to Lord Grenville: and who as received the sanction and a premium from teh Board of Agriculture. Tibbs , Thomas (Author)
Kemmish , Ann (Publisher)
Kemmish , Ann (Printer)

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