ID 2579
Name John Hart
Gender Unknown
Street Address Popping's Court, Fleet-Street
City London
Start Date 1746
End Date 1765


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Publisher Letters sent to an honourable gentleman, for the encouragement of faith. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Printer A brief account of the gracious dealings of God, with a poor, sinful, unworthy creature, in three parts. Relating to Part I. The Work of Divine Grace on the Heart, in a Saving Conversion to Christ, and to some Establishment in Him. Part II. A Train of Special Providences attending Life, by which the Work of Faith was carried on with Power. Part III. Some particular Experiences of the Lord's Goodness in bringing out several little Tracts, to the Furtherance and Joy of Faith. With an appendix. And a letter prefixed, on the lawfulness of a woman's appearing in print. By A.D. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Printer A letter on the divine eternal sonship of Jesus Christ: As the Second Person in the Ever-Blessed Three-One God. occasioned by the perusal of Mr. Romaine's sermon on John viii. 24. entitled, A discourse upon the self-existence of Jesus Christ. With three letters on assurance of interest in Christ: As that which belongs unto the Reflex, and not to the Direct Act of Faith; and rather unto the Spirit's Sealing, than to the Soul's first Act of Believing. Written as the author's thoughts, o n part of Mr. Marshal's Book, Entitled, The gospel-mystery of sanctification. And two letters on the gift of the Holy Spirit to believers, as a Sealer, and his being to them as such, the Earnest of their Inheritance. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Printer Three letters on I. The marks of a child of God. II. The Soul-Diseases of God's Children; and their Soul-Remedies. And III. God's Prohibition of his Peoples unbelieving Fear; and his great Promise given for the Support of their Faith, unto their Time-Joy, and Eternal Glory. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne (Author)

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