ID 2768
Name Samuel Darton and Robert Harvey [1833-38]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 55 Gracechurch Street
City London
Start Date 1833
End Date 1838


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The Negro Slave. A Tale. Addressed to the Women of Great Britain Ellis, Sarah Stickney 1830
Publisher Sketches of young people, or, A visit to Brighton. By the author of The grandfather, Friendship, The schoolfellows, &c. &c. Sandham, Elizabeth 1833
Publisher Winter evenings, or, Tales of travellers. By Maria Hack. Adventures in the Arctic Ocean. A visit to the Esquimaux. A winter in Charleton Island. Hack, Maria 1833
Publisher Enigmas, historical and geographical. By a clergyman's daughter. Hitchener, Elizabeth 1834
Publisher Lectures at home. Discovery and manufacture of glass: lenses and mirrors: the structure of the eye. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1834
Publisher Lessons for children : in four parts by Mrs. Barbauld. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1834
Publisher Poems on Sacred Subjects. By Maria Grace Saffery. Saffery, Maria Grace 1834
Publisher Poetic Gleanings, from Modern Writers; with Some Original Pieces. By a governess. Knight, Anne 1834
Publisher Tales of distant lands. Hack, Maria 1834
Publisher The teacher's treasure, and dunce's delight: to be used immediately after the alphabet. Being a simple and expeditious method of teaching to read. By Mrs. Lamont. Second edition. Lamont, Mrs. Margaret Maude 1834
Publisher Charles Ross; or, Truth and fiction. By the author of 'The new estate,' 'Spain yesterday and to-day,' &c. Ancram, Georgianna 1835
Publisher Familiar illustrations of the principal evidences and design of Christianity. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1835
Publisher Lapland, and its rein-deer. By the author of "Tales of distant lands." Unknown 1835
Publisher Original Poems for Infant Minds. By several young persons. Vol. II. Taylor, Jane 1835
Publisher Stories of animals, second series. Intended for children between seven and ten years old. Hack, Maria 1836
Publisher The history of Greece, in easy lessons: adapted for children from six to ten years of age. By Elizabeth Anne Hendry. Hendry, Elizabeth Anne 1836
Publisher Winter evenings, or, Tales of travellers. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1836

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