ID 2940
Name William Colles [17 New Buildings, Dame Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 17 New Buildings, Dame Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1783
End Date 1790


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Evelina; or, A young lady's entrance into the world. In two volumes. The third edition. Burney, Frances 1784
Publisher Arpasia; or the wanderer. A novel. By the author of The Nabob. In two volumes. Unknown 1786
Publisher Fabulous histories, designed for the instruction of children, respecting their treatment of animals. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer, Sarah 1786
Publisher Fanny: a novel, in a series of letters. Written by a lady. In two volumes. Holford, Margaret (the elder) 1786
Publisher Florio: A tale, for fine gentlemen and fine ladies: and, the bas bleu; or conversation: two poems. More, Hannah 1786
Publisher The Works of Mrs. Chapone, containing Letters on the Improvement of the Mind, addressed to a young lady. And Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. In Two Volumes. Chapone, Hester Mulso 1786
Publisher Zoriada: or, Village annals. A novel. Hughes, Anne 1786
Printer I'll Tell You What. A Comedy, in five acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher A School for Greybeards; or, The Mourning Bride: a Comedy, in five acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1787
Publisher Louisa; or, the cottage on the moor. In two volumes. ... Helme, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher The memoirs of Mrs. Sophia Baddeley. Late of Drury-Lane Theatre. By Mrs. Elizabeth Steele. In three volumes. Steele, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher The Midnight Hour; or, War of Wits. A Farce, in two acts. Translated from the French. "Ruse Contre Ruse; ou, La Guerre Ouverte." Represented seventy successive nights at Paris. And now performing with universal applause. 1787
Publisher Such Things Are. A play. In five acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher The Fate of Sparta: or, The Rival Kings. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Tehatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1788
Printer The experienced English house-keeper, for the use and ease of ladies, house-keepers, cooks, &c. Written purely from practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warbuton, whom the author lately served as house-keeper: Consisting of near nine hundred original receipts, most of which never appeared in print. Part I. Lemon pickle, browning for all sorts of made dishes, soups, fish, plain meat, game, made dishes both hot and cold, pyes, puddings, &c. Part II. All kinds of confectionary particularly the gold and sliver web for covering of sweet meats, and doss ... of spun sugar with directions to set out a table, in the most elegant manner and in the modern taste; floating islands, fish-ponds, transparent puddings, trifles, whips, &c. Part III. Pickling, potting, and collaring, wines, vinegars, catchups, distilling, with two most valuable receipts, one for refining malt liquors, the other for curing acid wines, and a correct list of every thing in season for every months the year. The tenth edition. With two plans of a grand table of two covers; and a curious new invented fire stove, wherein any common fuel may be burnt instead of charcoal. By Elizabeth Raffald. Raffald, Elizabeth 1789
Publisher A journey through the Crimea to Constantinople. In a series of letters from the Right Honourable Elizabeth Lady Craven, to his serene Highness the Margrave of Brandebourg, Anspach, and Bareith. Written in the year MDCCLXXXVI. Craven, Elizabeth 1789
Publisher The child of nature. A dramatic piece, in four acts. From the French of Madame the Marchioness of Sillery, formerly Countess of Genlis. Performing at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1789

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