ID 3364
Name Benjamin Bensley
Gender Male
Street Address 6 Bolt-Court, Fleet-Street
City London
Start Date 1821
End Date 1825


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The teacher's assistant: consisting of lectures in the catechetical form, being part of a plan of appropriate instruction for the children of the poor. By Mrs. Trimmer. Third edition. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Printer Hymns for Infant Minds by the authors of "Original poems, —Rhymes for the nursery," &c. Thirteenth edition. Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Taylor , Jane (Author)
Publisher An Account of the American Baptist Mission to the Burman Empire: in a Series of Letters, Addressed to a Gentleman in London. By Ann H. Judson. Judson , Ann (Author)
Printer Country Houses. In Three Volumes. Moore , Charlotte Trimmer (Author)
Printer Woman’s Love. A Novel. By Mrs. Leman Grimstone. In Three Volumes. Grimstone , Mary Leman (Author)
Printer Polish Tales. By the authoress of "Hungarian Tales." In Three Volumes. Gore , Catherine Grace Frances (Author)
Printer Sir Guy de Lusignan: a Tale of Italy. By E. Cornelia Knight, authoress of "Dinabaras," "Marcus Flaminius," "Latium," &c. In two volumes. Knight , Ellis Cornelia (Author)
Printer A Year At Hartlebury or the Election. By Cherry and Fair Star. In Two Volumes. Disraeli , Sarah (Author)
Disraeli , Benjamin (Author)
Printer Anne Grey. A Novel. Edited By the Author of “Granby.” In Three Volumes. Cradock , Harriet (Author)
Lister , Thomas Henry (Editor)
Printer The Hamiltons or the New Æra, By the Author of “Mothers and Daughters,” In Three Volumes. Gore , Catherine Grace Frances (Author)
Printer The Mayor of Wind-Gap and Canvassing. By the O’Hara Family. In Three Volumes. Martin , Harriet Letitia (Author)
Banim , John (Author)
Banim , Michael (Author)
Printer Traits and Trials of Early Life. By L. E. L. Author of "The Improvisatrice" &c. Landon , Letitia Elizabeth (Author)

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