ID 450
Last Name Landon
First Name Letitia Elizabeth
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1802-08-14
Date of Death 1838-10-15
Place of Birth Chelsea
Place of Death Cape Coast
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Role Title Date
Author The Fate of Adelaide, A Swiss Romantic Tale; and Other Poems: By Letitia Elizabeth Landon. 1821
Author The Improvisatrice; and Other Poems. By L. E. L. With Embellishments. 1824
Author The Troubadour. Catalogue of Pictures and Historical Sketches. By L. E. L. Author of The Improvisatrice. 1825
Author Beauties of the Modern Poets; in Selections from the Works of Byron, Moore, Scott, Campbell, Barry Cornwall, Southey, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Croly, Mrs. Hemans, L. E. L., Montgomery, Hamilton, Crabbe, Colman, Hervey, Bird, Rogers, Alaric Watts, Miss Baillie, Mrs. Opie, etc., etc. With many fugitive pieces of distinguished merit. By D. Carey. A new edition; corrected, enlarged, and re-arranged. 1826
Author The Improvisatrice; And Other Poems. By L. E. L. With Embellishments. Seventh Edition. 1826
Author The Golden Violet, with its Tales of Romance and Chivalry: and other poems. By L. E. L. Author of "The Improvisatrice," "The Troubadour," Etc. 1827
Author Choice Selections, and Original Effusions; or, Pen and Ink Well Employed. By a daughter of a clergyman. 1828
Author The Keepsake for 1829. Edited by Frederic Mansel Reynolds. 1828
Author The Casket, a Miscellany, Consisting of Unpublished Poems 1829
Author The Venetian Bracelet; The Lost Pleiad; A History of the Lyre, and Other Poems 1829
Author The Juvenile Forget Me Not. A Christmas and New Year's Gift, or Birthday Present, For the Year 1831. Edited by Mrs. S.C. Hall. 1830
Author The Lady's Poetical Album. 1830
Author The Laurel. Fugitive Poetry of the XIXth Century. 1830
Author The Poetic Present; a Collection of Superior Pieces from the Best Authors. Calculated to Interest and Improve the Minds of Young People. Selected by Clara Hall. 1830
Author Romance and Reality. BY L. E. L. Author of "The Improvisatrice", "The Venetian Bracelet", &c. &c. &c. 1831
Author Romance and Reality. By L. E. L. Author of “The Improvisatrice,” “The Venetian Bracelet,” &C. &C. &C. In Three Volumes. 1831
Author The Easter Gift. A Religious Offering by L. E. L. 1832
Translator Corinne. By Madame de Staël. Complete in one volume. 1833
Author Francesca Carrara. By the author of Romance and Reality. 1834
Author Flora and Thalia; or Gems of Flowers and Poetry; being an Alphabetical Arrangement of Flowers, with Appropriate Poetical Illustrations, Embellished with Coloured Plates. By A Lady. 1835
Editor The Heir Presumptive. By Lady Stepney. In Three Volumes. 1835
Author The Vow of the Peacock, and Other Poems. By L. E. L. Author of "The Improvvisatrice," "The Golden Violet," &c. 1835
Author Traits and Trials of Early Life. By L. E. L. Author of "The Improvisatrice" &c. 1836

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