ID 3416
Name Peter Elmsley [87 Strand]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 87 Strand
City London
Start Date 1778
End Date 1802
Notes Elmsley often spelled "Elmsly" in imprints.


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Verses on the present state of Ireland. By a lady. Bingham , Margaret (Author)
Printer Poems. Penny , Anne (Author)
Publisher Theatre of education. Translated from the French of the Countess de Genlis. In four volumes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Publisher Theatre of education. Translated from the French of the Countess de Genlis. In four volumes. Second Edition. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Publisher The theatre of education. By the Countess de Genlis. Translated from the French. A new edition, in three volumes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Unknown , (Translator)
Bookseller Épitre aux Anglois dans les tristes circonstances presentes. Novembre 1788. d'Éon de Beaumont , Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée (Author)
Bookseller A rational and moral game, or, A method to accustom young people to reflect on the most essential truths of morality and reason on the remarkable events of history, by questioning them on what they would have said or done, had they been in the circumstances of the person mentioned; or, the reason why they approve or disapprove of a maxim or action proposed by the instructor. Translated from the French of the Abbé Gaultier. Gaultier , Aloisius Edouard Camille (Author)
Harlow , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Unknown , (Translator)
Bookseller L'apparition, ou l'egoïsme. Par l'auteur de la derniére guérre des bêtes. Falques , Marianne-Agnès (Author)
Bookseller Réflexions sur le procès de la reine, par une femme. de Staël von Holstein , Anne Louise Germaine (Author)
Bookseller A Complete Course of Geography, by means of instructive games. Invented by the Abbé Gaultier. The second edition, corrected, improved, and divided into two parts. Part I. Containing the game of simple geography, viz. That which teaches the names and situation of the different countries and places of the earth. Section I.-Geographical game of the British Islands. Section II.-Geographical game of Europe. Section III.-Geographical game of Asia, America, and new discovered islands. Gaultier , Aloisius Edouard Camille (Author)
Harlow , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Publisher Jeu de Fautes que les enfans & les jeunes gens commetent le plus ordinairement contre la bonne éducation et contre la politesse. Par M. L'Abbé Gaultier. Cet ouvrage fait partie du cours des jeux, inventés par l'auteur pour l'instruction de la jeunesse. Gaultier , Aloisius Edouard Camille (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher A Grammar of the French Tongue. With a Preface, Containing An Essay on the Proper Method for Teaching and Learning that Language. By Lewis Chambaud. The Twelfth Edition, Revised and Corrected, agreeably to the Dictionary of the French Academy, By Mr. Des Carrieres. Chambaud , Lewis (Author)
Des Carrieres , A. J. (Editor)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Bookseller Catalogue of stars, taken from Mr. Flamsteed's observations contained in the second volume of the Historia cœlestis, and not inserted in the British catalogue. With an index, to Point out Every Observation in that Volume Belonging to the Stars of the British Catalogue. To which is added, a collection of errata that should be noticed in the same volume. By Carolina Herschel. With introductory and explanatory remarks to each of them. By William Herschel, Lld. F. R. S. Published by Order, and at the Expence, of the Royal Society. Herschel , Caroline (Author)

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