ID 405
Name George Burnet [Abbey Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 197 Abbey Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1774
End Date 1803


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The practice of cookery, pastry, pickling, preserving, &c. Containing figures of dinners, from five to nineteen dishes, and a full list of supper dishes: also, a list of things in season, for every month in the year, and directions for choosing provisions: with two plates, showing the method of placing dishes upon a table, and the manner of trussing poultry, &c. By Mrs. Frazer. Frazer , Mrs. (Author)
Publisher The recess; or, a tale of other times. By the author of The chapter of accidents. Lee , Sophia (Author)
Publisher Anecdotes of the Delborough family. A novel. In three volumes. By Mrs. Gunning. Gunning , Susannah (Author)
Publisher The old manor house. A novel, in two volumes. By Charlotte Smith. Smith , Charlotte Turner (Author)
Publisher Camilla: or, a picture of youth. By the author of Evelina and Cecilia. In three volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Parker , Arabella (Publisher)
Publisher Destination: or, Memoirs of a private family by Clara Reeve, author of "The old English Baron," &c. &c. In two volumes. Reeve , Clara (Author)
Publisher Rosalind de Tracey, a novel, in two volumes: by Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins, author of the Victim of Fancy, &c. &c. Tomlins , Elizabeth Sophia (Author)
Publisher The gipsy countess: a novel. By Miss Gunning. In two volumes. Gunning , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The natural daughter. With portraits of the Leadenhead family. A novel. By Mrs. Robinson, author of Hubert de Sevrac, Walsingham, &c. &c. In two volumes. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of modern philosophers. In two volumes. Hamilton , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Castle Rackrent, an Hibernian tale. Taken from facts, and from the Manners of the Irish Squires, before the year 1782. The Second Edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher The Rival Mothers, or Calumny. Translated from the French of Madame de Genlis. In Two Volumes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Publisher The maid of the hamlet; a tale. By Regina Maria Roche, author of The children of the abbey, Vicar of Lansdowne; Clermont, &c. Roche I , Regina Maria (Author)
Colbert , Harriet (Publisher)

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