ID 407
Name Henry Trapp
Gender Male
Street Address No. 1. Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1785
End Date 1790
Sources British Book Trade Index 70381


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Hymns, &c. composed on various subjects. By J. Hart. Hart , Joseph (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Printer Sentimental memoirs: by a lady. ... Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Printer Dipping not baptizing: or, the author’s opinion of the subject, mode, and importance of water-baptism, according to the scriptures: Wherein Dr. Gill’s Arguments for the Mode of Immersion, and Mr. Booth’s for the Importance of it, as contained in his Apology for the Baptists, are principally considered: With a Few Remarks on some other Baptist Writers, Namely, Mr. Martin, Mr. Jenkins, and Mr. Mc Lean, who, in their several late Publications, seem to be strenuous Advocates both for the Mode and Importance of it. By R. Elliot, A. B. Formerly of Bennet College, Cambridge. Elliot , Richard (Author)
Gurney , Martha (Bookseller)
Printer Extracted from the memoirs of the conversion and dying experience of Miss B*****, late of B----, now with God. B , Miss (Author)
Bookseller A serious address to the Rev. Mr. Huntington; containing some remarks on his sermon, entitled "the servant of the Lord, described and vindicated." By Maria De Fleury. de Fleury , Maria (Author)
Printer A dialogue between old Mr. Pious and Madam Finic his wife; occasioned by young Spoil-Text preaching his approbation sermon; who was made an able minister Of A Very New Test Ament: by The Rev. And Learned Dr. Know-Little, Dr. Grimace, Dr. Strut, and Dr. Reader, Heads Of The Academy, At -- , compiled from some fragments found amongst th papers of the late Mr. Thomas Gurney, Author of The Perfections of God a standing Rule to try all Doctrines and Experience by; The Mongrel Preacher, and other Poems. By one of his intimate friends. Gurney , Martha (Publisher)
Printer Hymns, &c. composed on various subjects. By J. Hart. Hart , Joseph (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Bookseller Serious reflections on the death of Johannes, who was shot by his friend, July 12, 1789. Likewise on the triumphant death of Josephus, aged eighteen years. By Eliza. Day , Eliza (Author)
Publisher The christian’s looking-glass, or the timorous soul’s guide; being a description of the work of the Holy Spirit upon the heart, Intended For The Relief Of The Disconsolate. By the Rev. T. Priestley. Priestley , Timothy (Author)
Gurney , Martha (Bookseller)
Trapp , Mrs. (Bookseller)
Bookseller Divine poems and essays on various subjects. Viz. Immanuel; or, the Godhead of Christ displayed. A Meditation written in a Bower at Lady Grove, Sutton. Elegies. Epithalamiums. Epistles to Miranda, &c. Hymns. A Poem on Redemption. A Walk at Enfield. Meditations on the Canticles. - for the Lord's Supper. Christ All in All. Meditations on Rev. xii. 6. A Summer Day's Excursion. Odes. Letters. A Soliloquy. By Maria De Fleury. With recommendatory prefaces, by the Rev. Mr Wills, Rev. Mr Towers, and Rev. Mr Ryland. de Fleury , Maria (Author)
Gurney , Martha (Bookseller)

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