ID 5254
Title Sentimental memoirs: by a lady. ...
Contributors Unknown, [Woman] (Author)
Signed Author By a lady
Firms Henry Trapp (Printer); Thomas Hookham [New Bond Street] (Bookseller)
Self-published No
Volumes 2
Pagination I xvi, 287; II 283
Date of Publication 1785
Edition Statement 1st
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1785
Imprint printed by H. Trapp, No. 1. Pater-Noster-Row; and sold by Mr. Hookham, Bond-Street
Copyright Statement
Location of Printing London GB
Format octavo (8vo)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Price (pound)
Price (shilling) 6
Price (pence)
Total Price (in pence) 72
Non-UK Price
Genre Fiction
Sources ESTC (#T64188)
The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 20
Shelfmarks BL 12613.bbb.17
EM 200: 4
ESTC t064188 (NA CtY, IU, MH-H &c.)
Hand-Verified No
Verified Yes
Attempted Verification No

Bibliographic Entry

Unknown, [Woman]. Sentimental memoirs: by a lady. ... London: 1785.

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  title={Sentimental memoirs: by a lady. ...},
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Unknown, [Woman]. "Sentimental memoirs: by a lady. ..." The Women's Print History Project, 2019, title ID 5254 Accessed 2021-06-20.

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