ID 4572
Name William Anderson
Gender Unknown
Street Address 12 Broad Street
City Stirling
Start Date 1770
End Date 1800


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The young misses magazine: containing dialogues between a governess and several young ladies of quality, her scholars. In which each lady is made to speak according to her particular genius, temper, and inclination: their several faults are pointed out, and the easy way to mend them, as well as to think, and speak, and act properly; no less care being taken to form their hearts to goodness, than to enlighten their understandings with useful knowledge. A short and clear abridgement is also given of sacred and profane history, and some lessons in geography. The useful in blended throughout with the agreeable, the whole being interspersed with proper reflections and moral tales. Translated from the French of Mademoiselle le Prince de Beaumont. Leprince de Beaumont, Jeanne-Marie 1791
Publisher A collection of the most esteemed farces and entertainments performed on the British stage. Cibber, Susannah Maria Arne 1792

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