ID 4639
Name Richard Clay [Bread Street Hill]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Bread Street Hill
City London
Start Date 1829
End Date 1863


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The Kind Little Boy. By Mrs. Cameron, Author of 'The History of Margaret Whyte,' 'The two lambs,' &c. A New Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton (Author)
Printer The Moral Muse. A Present for Young Ladies. By Emma Price. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Steele , Elizabeth (Author)
Smith , Miss E. (Author)
and 5 more.
Printer Hymns for Infant Minds, by the authors of "Original Poems," "Rhymes for the Nursery," &c. &c. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Printer Sequel to Principle and Practice; or the Orphan Family. A Tale. Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Houlston , Frances (Publisher)
Printer The contributions of Q. Q. to a periodical work: with some pieces not before published. By the late Jane Taylor. In two volumes. Sixth Edition. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Taylor, Jr. , Isaac (Editor)
Printer Display, a tale. By Jane Taylor, author of "Essays in Rhyme," and one of the authors of "Original Poems for Infant Minds," &c. Thirteenth Edition. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Printer Hints on the Cholera Morbus. By Esther Copley, author of Cottage Comforts, etc. Ninth edition. Copley , Esther (Author)
Printer The present of a mistress to a young servant: consisting of friendly advice and real histories. By Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, author of "Maternal Solicitude," and "Practical Hints to Young Females." Tenth edition. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Houlston , Frances (Publisher)
Printer Reverses; Or, Memoirs of the Fairfax Family. By the Author of “Conversations On the Life of Christ,” and the “First Preaching of the Gospel By the Apostles.” Whateley , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer The Christian Servant; or Spiritual Exercises of Elizabeth West, a new edition, corrected by Robert Stodhart, Minister of Mulbery Gardens Chapel, Pell Street, Ratcliffe Highway. To which is added, The substance of the funeral sermon of Mrs. Jane Stodhart, and her dying experience, by the Rev. John Rees: also the dying experience of Mr. William Stodhart; and Mrs. Mary Davis, of Middle Street, Brighton. West , Elisabeth (Author)
Stodhart , Robert (Editor)
Rees , John (Author)
Printer The value of money. By Mrs. Barwell. Barwell , Louisa Mary (Author)
Printer Original Hymns for Sunday Schools. By Ann & Jane Taylor, authors of Hymns for infant minds, original poems, &c. &c. Stereotype Edition. Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Taylor , Jane (Author)
Printer Selwyn In Search of A Daughter and Other Tales. By the Author of “Tales of the Moors,” “Probation,” “Olympia Morata,” &C. In Three Volumes. Smyth , Amelia Gillespie (Author)
Printer Tales of Woman's Trials by Mrs. S. C. Hall. Hall , Anna Maria (Author)

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