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Name Edward Johnson Coale
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City Baltimore
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Publisher The Scottish chiefs, a romance. In three volumes. By Miss Jane Porter, author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, and Remarks on Sidney's aphorisms. Porter , Jane (Author)
Bookseller Chesterfield Travestie; or, School for Modern Manners. Embellished with six caricatures, Engraved from original Drawings by Rowlandson. From the last London edition. Bailey , Lydia R. (Printer)
Woodward , George Moutard (Author)
Bookseller Married life; or, Faults on all sides. A novel. In two volumes. By Miss Howard. Howard , Isabella (Author)
Bailey , Lydia R. (Printer)
Bookseller Traits of Nature, by Miss Burney. In Two Volumes. Burney , Sarah Harriet (Author)
Bookseller Traits of Nature. By Miss Burney. In two volumes. Burney , Sarah Harriet (Author)
Publisher History of the Duchess of C****, who was confined in a dungeon under ground, by her unrelenting husband, whom she saw but once during her imprisonment of nine years, in which course of time she frequently suffered the severity of extreme hunger, thirst and cold. But happily, a few days before her tyrant's death, he disclosed the secret of her subterraneous abode to a friend; from which she was soon after released by her parents. from the French of Madame de Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Stanley , Maria Josepha (Translator)
Bookseller Santo Sebastiano; or, The young protector. By the author of "The romance of the Pyrenees." In three volumes. Cuthbertson , Catherine (Author)
Bookseller Santo Sebastiano; or, The Young Protector. By the author of "The Romance of the Pyrenees." In three volumes. Cuthbertson , Catherine (Author)
Publisher Sainclair, or The victim to the arts and sciences; and Hortense, or The victim to novels and travel. A novel, in two volumes. Translated from the French of Madame de Genlis. By Archibald Haralson. To which is prefixed, a tale of the celebrated M. Florian, entitled Claudine, or The Savoyarde. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Haralson , Archibald (Translator)
Claris de Florian , Jean Pierre (Author)
Publisher Sketches of intellectual education, and hints on domestic economy, addressed to mothers: with an appendix, containing an essay on the instruction of the poor. : Two volumes in one. By Mrs. Grant. Grant , Anne (Author)
Publisher Mademoiselle de La Fayette, an historical novel, illustrating the character and manners of the court of Louis XIII. By Madame de Genlis. Two volumes in one. First American edition revised, with additional notes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)

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