ID 556
Name John Taylor
Gender Unknown
Street Address 30 Upper Gower Street
City London
Start Date 1828
End Date 1837


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Publisher Practical measuring made easy to the meanest capacity by a new set of tables: Which show at sight, the solid or superficial content (and consequently the value) of any piece of quantity of squared or round timber, be it standing or felled, also of stone, board, glass, &c. made use of in the erecting or repairing of any building, &c, contrived to answer all the occasions of gentlemen and artificers, far beyond any thing yet extant: the contents being given in feet, inches, and twelfth parts of an inch. With a preface, shewing the excellence of this new method of measuring, and demonstrating, that whoever ventures to rely upon those obsolete tables and directions published by Isaac Keay, is liable to be deceived (in common cases) 10s. in the pound. By E. Hoppus, surveyor to the corporation of the London assurance. The twelfth edition. Greatly improved by the following additions, I. New tables shewing at sight the value of any piece or quantity of timber, stone, &c. at any price per foot cube. II. Mr. Hoppus's table of solid measure applied to the freighting of ships. III. Some very curious observations concerning the measuring of timber by several dimensions, communicated by one of His Majesty's purveyors. Hoppus , Edward (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher Milton's Paradise lost illustrated with texts of scripture, by John Gillies, D. D. One Of The Ministers In Glasgow. Milton , John (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher The History of the County of Cumberland, and Some Places Adjacent, from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time: Comprehending The Local History of the County; Its Antiquities, the Origin, Genealogy, and Present State of the Principal Families, with Biographical Notes; Its Mines, Minerals, and Plants, with Other Curiosities, either of Nature or of Art. Particular Attention is paid to, and a just Account given of every Improvement in Agriculture, Manufactures, &c. &c. By William Hutchinson, F. A. S. Author of the History of Durham, &c. In Two Volumes. Hutchinson , William (Author)
Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Hawney's complete measurer: or, the whole art of measuring. Being a plain and comprehensive treatise on practical geometry and mensuration. Preceded by Decimal and Duodecimal Arithmetic, and the Extraction of the Square and cube Root. Adapted to the use of Schools, and Persons Concerned in Measuring, Gauging, Surveying, &c. A New Edition. Corrected and Greatly Improved by Thomas Keith, Private Teacher of Mathematics, Author of the Complete Practical Arithmetician, &c. Hawney , William (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Printer The Travels of Rolando; Containing, in a Supposed Tour Round the World, Authentic Descriptions of the Geography, Natural History, Manners, and Antiquities of Various Countries. Translated From the French of L.J. Jauffret. In Four Volumes. Aikin , Lucy (Translator)
Jauffret , L. F. (Author)
Publisher Practical hints to young females, on the duties of a wife, a mother, and a mistress of a family. By Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Parker , George (Engraver)
Hilton , William (Illustrator)
Publisher Correspondence between a mother and her daughter at school by Mrs. Taylor and Jane Taylor. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Houlston , Frances (Publisher)
Publisher Display: a tale. By Jane Taylor. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Publisher Essays in rhyme on morals and manners. By Jane Taylor, author of "Display, a tale;" and one of the authors of "Original poems for infant minds;" "Hymns for infant minds," &c. Fourth edition. Taylor , Jane (Author)
Houlston , Frances (Publisher)
Publisher Maternal Solicitude for a Daughter's Best Interests by Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar. Twelfth Edition. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Publisher Practical hints to young females : on the duties of a wife, a mother, and a mistress of a family. By Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Publisher Retrospection: a tale by Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, author of "Maternal solicitude," &c. &c. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Publisher The Family Mansion. A Tale. By Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, author of 'Maternal Solicitude, Practical Hints,' &c. &c. &c. Fifth Edition. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Publisher A History of the Italian Republics. Being a view of the Origin Progress and Fall of Italian Freedom by J.C.L. De Sismodi. In One Volume. de Sismondi , Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde (Author)
Austin , Sarah (Translator)
Publisher The Cabinet Cyclopaedia. Conducted by the Rev. Dionysius Lardner. Biography: Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Lardner , Dionysius (Editor)
Shelley , Mary Wollstonecraft (Author)
Montgomery , James (Author)

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