ID 5856
Name Lincoln and Gleason
Gender Unknown
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City Hartford
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Printer Dinarbas: a tale. First American Edition. Knight , Ellis Cornelia (Author)
Printer A Birth Day Present: or, A New Year's Gift. Being Nine Day's Conversation between a Mother and Daughter, on Interesting Subjects: for the use of young persons, from ten to fifteen years of age. Second American Edition. Pope , Alexander (Author)
Somerville , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer The Christian Character Exemplified, from the Papers of Mrs. Margaret Magdalen A.......s, Late Wife of Mr. Frederick Charles A.....s, of Goodman Fields. Selected and Revised by John Newton, Rector of St. Mary, Woolnoth. Althens , Margaret Magdalen (Author)
Newton , John (Editor)
Printer A Series of letters on courtship and marriage. : To which are added, Witherspoon's Letters on marriage.--Swift's Letter to a newly married lady. Mrs. Piozzi's Letter to a gentleman newly married, &c. &c. Piozzi , Hester Lynch Thrale (Author)
Cotton , Nathaniel (Author)
Franklin , Benjamin (Author)
and 3 more.
Printer A Series of Letters on Courtship and Marriage. To Which are Added, Witherspoon's Letters on Marriage.—Swift's Letter to a Newly Married Lady. Mrs. Piozzi's Letter to a Gentleman Newly Married, &c. &c. Piozzi , Hester Lynch Thrale (Author)
Cotton , Nathaniel (Author)
Franklin , Benjamin (Author)
and 2 more.
Printer Famous History of Whittington and His Cat. Shewing, How, from a poor Country Boy, destitute of Parents or Relations, he attained great Riches, and was promoted to the high and honorable dignity of Lord Mayor of London. Ornamented with Cuts. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Unknown , (Author)
Printer 'Tis all for the best: Exemplified in the character of Mrs. Simpson. To which is added, The Grand Assizes; or, General Jail Delivery, &c. &c. &c. More , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Sermons to children. To which are added short hymns, suited to the subjects. By a lady. Wilkinson , Rebecca (Author)

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