ID 587
Name Benjamin and Richard Crosby and Co.
Gender Unknown
Street Address 4 Stationers' Court, Ludgate Hill
City London
Start Date 1812
End Date 1814


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Alinda; or, The Child of Mystery. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By the author of "Ora and Juliet, Castle of Tariffa, &c." Beauclerc , Amelia (Author)
Publisher An introduction to botany: in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of Mental Improvement, Leisure Hours, &c. The Sixth Edition Wakefield , Priscilla (Author)
Publisher The Son of A Genius. A Tale, for the use of youth. By the Author of The History of an Officer's Widow and Family, Clergyman's Widow and Family, Daughter in Law, &c. &c. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Publisher Aretas. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Emma Parker, Author of "Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove," and "Virginia, or the Peace of Amiens." Parker , Emma (Author)
Publisher Domestic Management; or, the Healthful Cookery-Book. To which is prefixed a Treatise on Diet, as the surest means to preserve health, long life, &c. With many valuable observation on the nutrious and beneficial as well as the injurious effects of various kinds of food; also remarks on the wholesome and pernicious modes of cookery. Intended as an Antidote to modern Errors therein. To which is added, The method of treating such trifling medical cases as properly come within the sphere of domestic management. By a lady. Second edition, corrected and enlarged. Plumptre , Annabella (Author)
Publisher Liberality and Prejudice, A Tale; by Eliza A. Coxe. In three volumes. Coxe , Eliza A. (Author)
Bookseller The Mount of Olives, or the Resurrection and Ascension; a Poem. In Continuation of Calvary. By Mrs. Dixon. Dixon , Charlotte Eliza (Author)
Publisher A Puzzle for a Curious Girl. The fourth edition. Kilner , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Elegant Epistles: Being a copious collection of familiar and amusing letters, selected for the improvement of young persons, and for general entertainment, from Cicero, Pliny, Sydney, Bacon, Raleigh, Howel, Russell, Clarendon, Temple, Locke, Shaftesbury, Pope, Swift, Addison, Steele, Arbuthnot, Gay, Atterbury, Tillotson, Herring, Rundle, Secker, Watts, Shenstone, Somerset, Gray, Luxborough, West, Sterne, Chatham, Johnson, Lyttleton, Hoadly, Chesterfield, Gibbon, Cowper, Beattie, Jones, Richardson, Young, Lady M. W. Montague, Eliz. Montagu, Seward, Warburton, Hurd, Fox, and others. A new edition, improved and enlarged. Cicero , Marcus Tullius (Author)
the Consul , Pliny (Author)
Shenstone , William (Author)
Publisher Mentoria; or the Young Ladies' Instructor; in Familiar Conversation, on Moral and Entertaining Subjects. Calculated to Improve Young Minds in the Essential as well as Ornamental Parts of Female Eduction. By Ann Murry. The Eleventh Edition. Murry , Ann (Author)
Publisher Paul and Virginia: translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre; by Helen Maria Williams. Ninth edition. With six elegant engravings. Williams , Helen Maria (Author)
de Saint-Pierre , Jacques-Henri Bernardin (Author)
Williams , Helen Maria (Translator)
Publisher The Cowslip, or More Cautionary Stories, in verse. By the author of that much-admired little work entitled "The Daisy." Third edition. Turner , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The Daisy, or Cautionary Stories, in Verse. Adapted to the Ideas of Children from Four to Eight Years Old. Turner , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, intellectual mirror: being an elegant collection of the most delightful little stories & interesting tales: Chiefly translated from that much-admired work. L'ami des infants. With Seventy-four Cuts, Designed and Engraved on wood by I. Bewick. The thirteenth edition. Berquin , Arnaud (Author)
Stockdale , Mary (Translator)
Publisher The Splendour of Adversity: A Domestic Story. In three volumes. By the author of Black Rock House, Winter in Bath, Corinna of England, The Dead Letter Office, &c. &c. Unknown , (Author)
Publisher An introduction to botany: in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of Mental Improvement, Juvenile Travellers, &c. Corrected throughout, and with new plates. Wakefield , Priscilla (Author)

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