ID 597
Name William Oxberry [Clarendon Square]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 11 Clarendon Square, Somers Town
City London
Start Date 1813
End Date


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer "I Can't Afford It." And Other Tales, by Mrs. Hamilton. In Two Volumes. Hamilton, Emma 1813
Printer Earl Osric; or, The Legend of Rosamond. A Romance. By Mrs. Isaacs, author of "Tales of To-Day,"—"Wanderings of Fancy," &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. Isaacs, Mrs. 1820
Publisher Every One Has His Fault. A Comedy; By Mrs. Inchbald. With prefatory remarks. The only edition existing which is faithfully marked with the stage business, and stage directions, as it is performed at the Theatres Royal. By W. Oxberry, Comedian. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1822

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"William Oxberry [Clarendon Square]" The Women's Print History Project, 2019, Firm ID 597 Accessed 2021-08-02.

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