ID 6035
Name William Freeman
Gender Male
Street Address near Temple Bar in Fleet Street
City London
Start Date 1682
End Date 1720
Sources British Book Trade Index 25597


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The Gentleman’s Recreations: in Three Parts. The first part contains a short and easie introduction to all the liberal arts and sciences, &c. The second treats of horsemanship, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, agriculture, &c. Done from the most Authentick Authors, especially several lately Printed at Paris, as may be seen in the Preface; with great Enlargements, made by those well Experienced in the respective Recreations. The third is a compleat body of all our forest, chace, and game-laws, as they are at this Time. The whole illustrated with near an hundred copper-cuts relating to several Subjects, particular all Sorts of Nets, Engines, Traps, &c. are added for the Taking of Wild-Beasts, Fowl, Fish, &c. not hitherto Publish'd by any. The Second Edition Corrected, with near one half of additions. Blome , Richard (Compiler)
Bonwicke , Rebecca (Publisher)
Publisher Essays upon several subjects in prose and verse. Written by the Lady Chudleigh. Chudleigh , Mary Lee (Author)
Bonwicke , Rebecca (Publisher)
Publisher Thirty sermons preached on several occasions. By Edward Waple, B. D. Late Vicar of St. Sepulchres, and Archdeacon of Taunton Waple , Edward (Author)
Bonwicke , Rebecca (Publisher)
Publisher A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English, containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into other. To which End, Many Things that were Erroneous are Rectified, many Superfluities Retrenched, and very many Defects Supplied. And All suited to the meanest Capacities, in a plainer Method than heretofore: Being (for Ease) reduced into an Alphabetical Order, and Explained in the Mother-Tongue. And Towards the Compleating the English Part (which hath been long desired) here are added Thousands of Words, Phrases, Proverbs Proper Names, and many other useful Things mentioned in the Preface to the work. The eighth edition, enlarged. By Elisha Coles, Late of Magd. Coll. Oxon. Coles , Elisha (Author)
Collins , Susannah (Printer)
Bonwicke , Rebecca (Publisher)

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