ID 6109
Name William M'Culloch
Gender Male
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City Philadelphia
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Printer Charlotte Temple. A tale of truth. By Mrs. Rowson, late of the New Theatre, Philadelphia; Author of Victoria, the Inquisitor, Fille de Chambre, &c. Two volumes in one. Seventh American edition. Rowson , Susanna (Author)
Printer The daisy; or, Cautionary stories in verse, adapted to the capacities of children from four to eight years old. Illustrated with engravings on copper-plate. Part II. Turner , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer The Barring Out; or, Party Spirit. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Practical Education, and Letters for Literary Ladies. Second American Edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Printer Think before you speak: or The three wishes, a poetic tale. First American from the Second London Edition. Dorset , Catherine Anne Turner (Author)
Printer The world turn'd upside down; or, The wonderful magic lantern illustrated with whimsical engravings. Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Taylor , Jane (Author)
Taylor , Isaac (Author)
and 2 more.
Printer Home. A novel. In two volumes. By Miss Cullen, daughter of the celebrated Dr. Cullen. Expect not a story decked in the garb of fancy—but look at home. First American, from the third London, Edition. Cullen , Margaret (Author)
Printer The peacock "at home:" or, Grand assemblage of birds. Written by Roscoe. Illustrated with elegant engravings. Dorset , Catherine Anne Turner (Author)
Roscoe , William (Author)
Charles , William (Engraver)
Printer The world turn'd upside down, or The wonderful magic lantern. Illustrated with elegant engravings. Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Taylor , Jane (Author)
Taylor, Jr. , Isaac (Author)
and 1 more.

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