ID 5614
Last Name Charles
First Name William
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1776
Date of Death 1820
Place of Birth Edinburgh
Place of Death
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Role Title Date
Engraver A curious account of the comic adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and her dog by S.C.M. 1807
Illustrator Harvest home representing the progress of wheat in a series of elegant engravings. 1809
Engraver The courtship & marriage of Cock Robin, and Jenny Wren. Illustrated with elegant engravings. 1809
Engraver Limed twigs, to catch young birds. By the authors of Original Poems, Rhymes for the Nursery, &c., &c. 1811
Engraver The world turn'd upside down; or, The wonderful magic lantern illustrated with whimsical engravings. 1811
Engraver An Academy for Grown Horsemen; containing The Completest Instructions For walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, stumbling, and tumbling. By Geoffrey Gambado, Esq. Riding Master, Master of the Horse, and Grand Equerry to the Doge of Venice. Illustrated with twelve caricatures, from designs by Bunbury. 1813
Engraver Gratitude A Poem By a Youth Illustrated With Elegant Engravings. 1816
Engraver My mother. A poem by a lady. Illustrated with engravings. 1816
Engraver My sister. A poem by Mary Belson. Illustrated with elegant engravings. 1816
Engraver The drunkard's looking glass: reflecting a faithful likeness of the drunkard, in sundry very interesting attitudes, with lively representations of the many strange capers which he cuts at different stages of his disease; as first, when he has only "a drop in his eye;" second, when he is "half shaved;" third, when he is getting "a little on the staggers or so;" and fourth and fifth, and so on, till he is "quite capsized;" or "snug under the table with the dogs," and can "stick to the floor without holding on." By M.L. Weems, author of The life of Washington, &c. Fourth edition, greatly improved. 1816
Engraver Henry. A story intended for little boys and girls, from five to ten years old. By Frances Bowyer Vaux. 1817
Engraver My Brother. A Poem : Illustrated with Engravings. 1817
Engraver Little Emma and her father. A lesson for proud children. Written by Miss Horwood. 1819
Engraver My Brother a Poem. Illustrated with Engravings. 1819
Engraver Sophy: or, The punishment of idleness and disobedience. A moral tale. Written by Lucy Watkins. 1819

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