ID 6502
Name Thomas Dobson [Stone House]
Gender Male
Street Address Stone House, no. 11, South Second Street
City Philadelphia
Start Date
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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Letters containing a sketch of the politics of France. From the thirty-first of May 1793, till the twenty-eighth of July 1794, and of the scenes which have passed in the prisons of Paris. By Helen Maria Williams. Williams , Helen Maria (Author)
Printer Evenings at Home; or, The Juvenile Budget Opened. Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces, for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. Second Edition. Aikin , John (Author)
Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher The experienced English housekeeper, for the use and ease of ladies, housekeepers, cooks, &c. Written purely from practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton, whom the author lately served as housekeeper: consisting of near nine hundred original receipts, most of which never appeared in print. : Part I. Lemon pickle, brownings for all sorts of made dishes, soups, fish, plain meat, game, made dishes both hot and cold, pyes, puddings &c. Part II. All kinds of confectionary, particularly the gold and silver web for covering of sweetmeats and a desert of spun sugar; with directions to set out a table in the most elegant manner, and in the modern taste; floating islands, fish ponds, transparent puddings, trifles, whips, &c. Part III. Pickling, potting, and collaring, wines, vinegars, catchups, distilling, with two most valuable receipts, one for refining malt liquors, the other for curing acid wines, and a correct list of every thing in season for every month in the year. : With two plans of a grand table of two covers; and a curious new invented fire stove, wherein any common fuel may be burnt instead of charcoal. By Elizabeth Raffald. The twelfth edition. Raffald , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The world unmask'd; or, The philosopher the greatest cheat. In twenty-four dialogues. A new edition. Translated from the French. Huber , Marie (Author)

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