ID 6908
Name John Bradford
Gender Male
Street Address at the Bible in Fetter Lane, Little Britain
City London
Start Date 1685
End Date 1711
Sources British Book Trade Index 8488


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Printer The wars of David, and the peaceable reign of Solomon, symbolizing the times of warfare and refreshment of the saints of the most high God, to whom a priestly kingdom is shortly to be given, after the order of Melchisedeck. Set forth in two treatises written by J. Lead: and according to divine ordination publish'd in this present year of jubilee. For the service of all the children of the captivity, now watching and praying in many countries, for the great jubilee of the Lord to begin, and follow upon this very speedily. Containing I. An alarm to the holy warriours to fight the battels of the Lamb. II. The glory of Sharon, in the renovation of nature, introducing the kingdom of Christ in his sealed virgins, redeemed from the earth. Lead , Jane (Author)
Printer The heavenly cloud now breaking: or, the Lord Christ's ascension-ladder, sent down, To shew the way to reach the Ascension, and Glorification, through the Death and Resurrection. By J. Lead. A new edition: with a postscript now added, which was in the last edition of it in the High Dutch. Lead , Jane (Author)
Printer The revelation of revelations: an essay towards the unsealing, opening and discovering the seven seals, the seven thunders, and the New-Jerusalem state. By J. Lead. The second edition. With an appendix. Lead , Jane (Author)
Printer A living funeral testimony: or, death overcome, and drown'd in the life of Christ. With A Further Description of the Various States of Separated Souls; as to what they may expect will ensue after Death, whether in Christ, or out of Christ. P. J. De Loutherbourg By J. Lead. Lead , Jane (Author)
Printer The enochian walks with god, found out by a spiritual traveller, whose face towards Mount-Sion above was set: With an experimental account of what was known, seen, and met withal there. As also, an essay to a further revelation of an immense and infinite latitude of God's love, to the restoring of his whole creation; and how, and after what way and manner we are to look, and wait for this last appearance and coming of our God, and Saviour Christ Jesus. The second edition. By J. Lead. Lead , Jane (Author)

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