ID 76
Name Thomas Tegg [111 Cheapside]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 111 Cheapside
City London
Start Date 1805
End Date 1824


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Authentic memoirs of Mrs. Clarke, ... containing the whole of her correspondence with the Duke of York, the gallant Duke's love letters, and other interesting papers ... By Miss Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Female intrepidity, or, The heroic matron: a tale. Taylor , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Authentic Memoirs of Mrs. Clarke, in which is pourtrayed [sic] the Secret History and Intrigues of many characters in the first circles of fashion and high life; and containing the whole of her correspondence during the time she lived under the protection of his Royal highness The Duke of York, the gallant Duke's Love Letters, and other interesting papers never before published. By Miss Elizabeth Taylor. Second Edition. Taylor , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Good Men of Modern Date. A Satirical Tale. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Green, author of Romance Readers and Romance Writers, Reformist, Royal Exile, &c. Green , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Strathmay: or Scenes in the North, Illustrative of Scottish Manners, &c. A Tale. By the author of A Winter in Edinburgh, Amatory Tales, Vale of Clyde, &c. In Two Volumes. Scott , Honoria (Author)
Publisher Elegant Epistles: Being a copious collection of familiar and amusing letters, selected for the improvement of young persons, and for general entertainment, from Cicero, Pliny, Sydney, Bacon, Raleigh, Howel, Russell, Clarendon, Temple, Locke, Shaftesbury, Pope, Swift, Addison, Steele, Arbuthnot, Gay, Atterbury, Tillotson, Herring, Rundle, Secker, Watts, Shenstone, Somerset, Gray, Luxborough, West, Sterne, Chatham, Johnson, Lyttleton, Hoadly, Chesterfield, Gibbon, Cowper, Beattie, Jones, Richardson, Young, Lady M. W. Montague, Eliz. Montagu, Seward, Warburton, Hurd, Fox, and others. A new edition, improved and enlarged. Cicero , Marcus Tullius (Author)
the Consul , Pliny (Author)
Shenstone , William (Author)
Publisher Pleasure and Pain, or The Fate of Ellen; A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Anna Maria Weston. Weston , Anna Maria (Author)
Publisher The Castle of Strathmay: or Scenes in the North, Illustrative of Scottish Manners and Society, A Tale, in Two Volumes. By the Author of "A Winter in Edinburgh," &c. The Second Edition. Scott , Honoria (Author)
Publisher The Saxon and the Gael; or, The Northern Metropolis: including a view of the Lowland and Highland Character. In Four Volumes. Johnstone , Christian Isobel (Author)
Bookseller Essays on various subjects: principally designed for young ladies. By Hannah More. More , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. Addressed to a Lady. By Mrs. Chapone. A Father's Legacy to his Daughters. By Dr Gregory. A Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters. By Lady Pennington. With Lives of the Authors. Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)
Gregory , John (Author)
Pennington , Sarah (Author)
Bookseller Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia. Translated from the French of Madame Cottin. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)
Unknown , (Translator)
Publisher Sacred Dramas. Chiefly Intended for Young Persons. The Subjects Taken from the Bible. . . . With a Memoir of the Author More , Hannah (Author)

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