ID 922
Name Joseph Harvey and Samuel Darton
Gender Unknown
Street Address 55 Gracechurch Street
City London
Start Date 1819
End Date 1833


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Bookseller Flowers of instruction: or, Familiar subjects in verse. By Mary Elliott. Elliott, Mary Belson 1820
Bookseller Memoir of Hannah Taylor Extracted from Her Own Memorandums. Taylor, Eliza 1820
Publisher A geographical present: being descriptions of the principal countries of the world; with representations of the various inhabitants in their respective costumes, beautifully coloured. By Mary Anne Venning. Third edition. Venning, Mary Anne 1820
Publisher English stories, Second Series: Including the period between the accession of Henry the Third, and the death of Henry the Sixth. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1820
Publisher Hymns for Infant Minds. By the authors of "Original Poems," "Rhymes for the Nursery," etc. [Ann and Jane Taylor] Taylor, Jane 1820
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind; addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone. With the life of the author. A New Edition. Chapone, Hester Mulso 1820
Publisher Letters to a child, on the subject of maritime discovery. By Emily Taylor. Taylor, Emily 1820
Publisher Letters to a very little girl from her aunt. By Emily Taylor. Taylor, Emily 1820
Publisher Rhymes for The Nursery. By the Authors of “Original Poems.” Twelfth Edition. Taylor, Jane 1820
Publisher Stories of animals: intended for children between five and seven years old. Hack, Maria 1820
Publisher The Youth's New Monitor, Written and Most Respectfully Inscribed to the Marquis of Beaumont, Infant Son & Heir of the Noble House of Roxburghe Unknown, [Woman] 1820
Publisher Winter evenings, or, Tales of travellers. By Maria Hack. In four volumes. Vols. III and IV. Hack, Maria 1820
Bookseller A compendium of useful information, on the works of creation and providence, by way of dialogue. Compiled chiefly for the use of schools on the improved system, and young children in general. Fletcher, Martha 1821
Bookseller Hymns for Infant Minds by the authors of "Original poems, —Rhymes for the nursery," &c. Taylor, Jane 1821
Bookseller Pleasing and Instructive Stories; for Young Children. By Mary Hughes (Late Robson,) Author of "The Ornaments Discovered;" "The Alchemist;" "Aunt Mary's New-Year's Gift;" "Aunt Mary’s Stories;" "The Metamorphoses, or Effects of Education." Hughes, Mary Robson 1821
Printer Leçons pour les enfans, de l'âge de deux jusqu'à cinq ans. Ouvrage en quatre parties. Traduit de l'anglois de Mde Barbauld, par M. Pasquier. Avec une interpretation anglaise à la fin. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1821
Publisher Elizabeth; or the Exiles of Siberia. In Verse Meeke, Elizabeth 1821
Publisher Fanny and Mary; or, Juvenile views of happiness. By the author of 'Mamma's pictures,' 'Mamma's stories,' 'Sunday stories,' &c. Broome, Charlotte Ann 1821
Publisher Harry Beaufoy; Or, The Pupil Of Nature. By Maria Hack. Hack, Maria 1821
Publisher Historical prints representing some of the most memorable events in English history, in which the costumes of the times are carefully preserved; with descriptions by Emily Taylor; to which is added a brief chronology of the kings of England. Taylor, Emily 1821
Publisher Hymns Selected from Various Authors, for the Use of Young Persons. By Priscilla Gurney. Gurney, Priscilla 1821
Publisher Instinct displayed in a collection of well-authenticated facts: exemplifying the extraordinary sagacity of various species of the animal creation. By Priscilla Wakefield. Fourth edition. Wakefield, Priscilla 1821
Publisher Leisure hours, or, Entertaining dialogues: between persons eminent for virtue and magnanimity: the characters drawn from ancient and modern history: designed as lessons of morality for youth. By Priscilla Wakefield. The Seventh Edition. Wakefield, Priscilla 1821
Publisher Some Account of Circumstances in the Life of Mary Pennington, from her Manuscript, Left for her Family Penington, Mary 1821
Publisher The child's atlas; consisting of maps of the eastern and western hemispheres, the four quarters of the world, and the British islands; with their corresponding outlines neatly engraved by W. R. Gardner. Designed as an easy and correct mode of teaching geography to little children. With a book of definitions and questions. Hack, Maria 1821

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