ID 986
Name James Evans
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 32 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1790
End Date 1795


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher More ways than one, a comedy, as acted at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1784
Bookseller A pindaric poem. Consisting of versified selections, from the Revelation of St. John. By Hannah Rowe. Rowe, Hannah 1789
Printer Innocence: an allegorical poem. By Miss Mary Young. Sewell, Mary Young 1790
Publisher Euphemia. By Mrs. Charlotte Lennox. In four volumes. ... Lennox, Charlotte 1790
Publisher Just published, Price Fourteen Shillings Bound, Euphemia, a novel. In four volumes. By Mrs. Charlotte Lenox. Lennox, Charlotte 1791
Bookseller A collection of poems, by a young lady. Swinney, Jane 1792
Bookseller Modern Manners, a Poem. In Two Cantos. By Horace Juvenal. Robinson, Mary 1793
Bookseller Monody to the memory of the late Queen of France. By Mrs. Mary Robinson. Robinson, Mary 1793
Bookseller Poems by Mrs. M. Robinson. Volume the second. Robinson, Mary 1793
Bookseller Sight, the cavern of woe, and solitude. Poems by Mrs. Mary Robinson, author of poems, &c. Ainsi Va Le Monde, the Monody to the memory of sir Joshua Reynolds, Vancenza, &c. &c. &c. Robinson, Mary 1793
Bookseller Poems, by Mrs. Mary Robinson. Robinson, Mary 1795
Publisher Cheap Repository Tracts; Entertaining, Moral, and Religious More, Hannah 1798
Bookseller Sunday reading. Death of Christ; or, tract for Good Friday. More, Hannah 1800

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