ID 986
Name James Evans
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 32 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1790
End Date 1795


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher More ways than one, a comedy, as acted at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley , Hannah (Author)
Bookseller A pindaric poem. Consisting of versified selections, from the Revelation of St. John. By Hannah Rowe. Rowe , Hannah (Author)
Printer Innocence: an allegorical poem. By Miss Mary Young. Sewell , Mary Young (Author)
Publisher Euphemia. By Mrs. Charlotte Lennox. In four volumes. ... Lennox , Charlotte (Author)
Publisher Just published, Price Fourteen Shillings Bound, Euphemia, a novel. In four volumes. By Mrs. Charlotte Lenox. Lennox , Charlotte (Author)
Bookseller A collection of poems, by a young lady. Swinney , Jane (Author)
Bookseller Letters, concerning the slave trade; and, with respect to its intended abolition: by a merchant to his friend, on the continent. Wilckens , Henry (Author)
Smith [Liverpool] , Ann (Printer)
Bookseller Modern Manners, a Poem. In Two Cantos. By Horace Juvenal. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Bookseller Monody to the memory of the late Queen of France. By Mrs. Mary Robinson. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Bookseller Poems by Mrs. M. Robinson. Volume the second. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Bookseller Sight, the cavern of woe, and solitude. Poems by Mrs. Mary Robinson, author of poems, &c. Ainsi Va Le Monde, the Monody to the memory of sir Joshua Reynolds, Vancenza, &c. &c. &c. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Publisher The adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses. By the Archbishop of Cambray. Translated from the French. Fénelon , François de Salignac de La Mothe (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher Models of Letters, for the Use of Schools and Private Students. Being an Epitome of the Large Octavo Volume, Entitled, Elegant Epistles: and Containing Select Letters From the Best English Authors, With Many Translated From the French, Which Have Never Appeared in Any Miscellaneous Collection. Knox , Vicesimus (Compiler)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Kearsley , Catharine (Publisher)
and 1 more.
Publisher The complete French master, for ladies and gentlemen; containing, I. A new methodical French grammar. II. A well digested and copious Vocabulary. III. Familiar Phrases and Dialogues on all Manner of Subjects. IV. Dialogues of Wit and Humour. V. A Taste of the French Poetry. VI. A Collection of French Songs. Vii. A Collection of Choice Proverbs, both French and English. Viii. A catalogue of the most approved French books, recommended as proper in fitting up a Lady’s or a Gentleman’s Library. For The Use Of His Highness William, Sometime Duke Of Gloucester. By Mr. Abel Boyer, Author Of The Royal Dictionary, French And English. Boyer , Abel (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher The lives of the most eminent English poets. With critical observations on their works. By Samuel Johnson. A new edition, corrected. In four volumes. A New Edition, Corrected. Johnson , Samuel (Author)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Bookseller Poems, by Mrs. Mary Robinson. A New Edition. Robinson , Mary (Author)
Publisher Family Lectures: or, a Copious Collection of Sermons, Selected from the Most Celebrated Divines, on Faith and Practice. Atterbury. Adams. Allen. Barrow. Balguy. Batty. Beveridge. Bentley. Bellamy, Blackall. Brown. Bull. Bundy. Burnet. Clarke. Calamy. Coney. Delaney. Duke. Gibson. Hort. Hoadley. Hopkins. Hickman. Horne. Hole. Harvest. Ibbot. Jortin. Kennet. Littleton. Lucas. Lupton. Moor. Moss. Orr. Porteus. Ridley. Sharpe. Sherlock. Swift. Stebbing. Stephens. Snape. Stillingfleet. Seed. Secker. Tillotson. Tilly. Terry. Trapp. Wake. Wilson. Webster. A New Volume. Unknown , (Compiler)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Publisher Cheap Repository Tracts; Entertaining, Moral, and Religious More , Hannah (Author)
Bookseller Sunday reading. Death of Christ; or, tract for Good Friday. More , Hannah (Author)

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