Name Trigesimo-secundo
Abbreviation 32mo

Each sheet is folded to make thirty-two leaves and sixty-four pages.


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
7008 The entertaining history of Master Billy, and Miss Polly Kindly: written for the entertainment and instruction of all the little good boys, and girls, who are able and willing to read it. By Mrs. Meanwell. Meanwell , Mrs.
12427 The Flights of a Lady-Bird; or, the History of the Winged Rambler: embellished with cuts. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
12878 The hobby-horse, or Christmas companion: containing among other interesting particulars, the song of a cock and a bull, a Canterbury story, and a tale of a tub. Faithfully copied from the original manuscript, in the Vatican library. By Toby Ticklepitcher. Embellished with elegant cuts. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
15277 The Kind Little Boy. By Mrs. Cameron, Author of 'The History of Margaret Whyte,' 'The two lambs,' &c. A New Edition. Cameron , Lucy Lyttelton
Frances Houlston and Co. (London)
1830 A new edition.
12885 The ladder to learning, step the first: being a collection of select fables, with original morals, upon a new plan, intended as an easy and entertaining introduction to the useful art of reading. Trimmer , Sarah
Francis Newbery (London)
15313 The May-Bee. Sherwood , Mary Martha
American Tract Society [New York] (New York City)
11508 The Mother's Gift. By a Lady. Unknown , [Woman]
10858 The pleasing, interesting and affecting history of Prince Lee Boo: with an account of the Pelew Islands and the manners and customs of the inhabitants: adorned with eight cuts. Unknown ,
William Rusher (Banbury)
Mary Luckman (Coventry)
12868 The sister's gift, or the naughty boy reformed published for the advantage of the rising generation. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
12881 Tom Thumb's exhibition, being an account of many valuable and surprizing curiosities which he has collected in the course of his travels, for the instruction and amusement of the British youth. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
12900 Virtue and vice: or, The history of Charles Careful, and Harry Heedless. Shewing the good effects of caution and prudence, and the many inconveniences that Harry Heedless experienced from his rashness and disobedience, while Master Careful became a great man, only by his merit. Unknown ,
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
10865 Wisdom in miniature, or, The young gentleman and lady's pleasing instructor: being a collection of sentences, divine, moral, and historical, collected from the writings of many ingenious and learned authors, both antient and modern: intended not only for the use of schools, but as a pocket companion for the youth of both sexes. By the editor of The school and family testament. The second edition. Brown , Joseph
1787 The second edition.